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    If you want to have in the house beautiful and practical finishing material and the universal ceramic tile seems too traditional, pay eyes to the mosaic. Mosaic - a pattern composed of the small pieces...
      When we hear the expression " my house - my fortress ", it appears likely, stone house. Stone - symbol of strength, reliability and durability, one of the materials that can be used in any...
    Decoration on background tiles   Ceramic tile is now a full interior decoration. Therefore, turning to her, she should be aware not only of its operational characteristics, but also the decorative possibilities. Since...
      Decorating the walls and ceiling decorative elements of various shapes and patterns - old architectural tradition. Even in Greece and Rome used exquisite moldings, and then they go through all times and styles - classicism,...
      The very name of marble speaks for itself (marmaros, Gr. - Brilliant stone). For no one millennium, he retains the right to be decoration material, shiny in every way. The ancient masters noticed that this...
    " Gres " (also known as ceramic granite) - the new kind of ceramic tiles, which itself has a little more than 30 years. It is used for facing all types of surfaces indoors and...
    Retrieved on personal experience: a person in the bathtub (directly), sometimes light up the progressive ideas. And he assures us school textbook, jumps out of the bath and shouting 'Eureka!' It carries this idea...
    Object Hall 3-storey holiday home: the length of the room: 6.20 m; the width of the room: 3.65 m; Room size: 22.63 sq.m .; Entrance to the room at the end face; located on the left wall windows; the right...
    The durability of the tiled surface depends largely on how it operates and how to take care of it. For normal cleaning ceramic tiles need to use appropriate detergents. Avoid strong and aggressive deteragentov...
    artificial stone called the decorative facing material that simulates the texture of the rocks. The popularity of this material is primarily due to its relatively low cost, durability, fire and moisture resistance, ease of...
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