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    Structures from metal and air

    Can you imagine that there are bridges and roads, on which you can go and see everything that is happening below them, that this is not fiction storyteller and engineering marvel? However, these designs have become quite real with the appearance of grating.

    This material is not new - it was originally used in heavy and chemical industry to create elevated above the floor transitions and landings. Of similar elements carried out and the building envelope. Now honeycomb grille is still successfully used in production, but in addition, they are actively included in the daily lives of citizens. Without them, does not do residential and industrial construction, they are not only functional load, but also decorative.

    Use of metal gratings is very wide. In addition to use on construction and industrial sites, they serve to create a doorway platforms, footbridges, stairs. The high strength allows the use of flooring for the organization helipads and corrosion resistance and its relative ease of the material made it indispensable in the construction   walling offshore. Not less popular honeycomb grille are in the task of landscaping. Durable track crossing parks and lawns, protective elements for preventing damage to the roots of the trees and at the same time freely water permeable sedimentary earth.

    From what made grating? This robust design consisting of carrier and cover elements and framing.   Bearing steel or aluminum bands take on the entire burden, and of coating are used for communication and giving structure stiffness.

    Depending on the type of connection elements of metal gratings are divided into pressed and welded.

    Pressed grating exhibits excellent physical and mechanical properties, allowing you to create reliable and safe design.   For the manufacture of this type of grating bearing bars are connected with bonding by cold welding, or so-called interference fit. The process is carried out under high pressure, which allows connection elements at the molecular level. At the same time the natural structure of the steel is not affected.

    In order to ensure the safe use and prevent unwanted sliding caused by moisture, ice, snow, or lubricants, for the manufacture of extruded decking strips are used with the teeth. Moreover, the teeth may be located only on the carrier, or only on binding to both types of strips.

    From cellular grids are made of pressed footbridges, platforms for doors, louvres, commonly used for bridges and fences, steel stairs of various shapes, and more. They are used for the construction of helipads. The surface of the molded deck safe and reliable, because the lattice designed to load up to 50 tons!

    However, the specific use of mesh decking has caused the need to create not only compressed but also welded structures.

    Welded gratings consist of strips and bars. Stripes take on   All load binders and twisted rods only fix their position. Production is carried out on Technology gratings simultaneous pressing of the rods in the carrying strips and their simultaneous welding by resistance welding. The process takes place under the pressure of     1,000 kN,   and the result is a structure having a high flexural strength.  

    Weld metal   decks are mainly used for the manufacture of offshore platforms. A resistance to sea water and salts contained in it   lattices gives a protective coating with hot zinc.

    The widespread use of gratings shows that it is one of the most simple, convenient and efficient materials in modern industry, architecture and design. Construction of him have all the advantages: resistance to stress,   heat resistance, corrosion protection and high aesthetics. That is why the honeycomb lattice are now used not only in industry and in civil engineering.

    The Company « hydronic » It provides delivery of pressed and welded flooring of all sizes and varieties. High reliability, durability and reasonable cost of the material allows it to be accessible to a wide range of users — from government agencies to private companies. Look closely at the buildings and facilities in your town: many are already equipped with observation decks, fences and transitions made of grating. And this is not the limit! New construction projects are moving away from the old model projects and acquire their « face », a memorable way. And an important role in the creation of light and beautiful buildings play honeycomb grille — construction of metal and air.

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