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    How to hammer a nail









    Accurate nailing

    Sheet of plywood or steel sheet surface not only insure items from accidentally hitting it with a hammer, but also serve as a guide to drive in nails.




    The nail in a remote place

    Hammer a nail in a remote place does not take much, if you use the simple device as a bolt with a nut on the end.




    nailing to a spring bar

    Not so easy to drive a nail into a wooden bar a spring that can not prop up the bottom. The situation is easier if instead of a hammer to use a clamp and use it to push the nail into the bar.

    nailing without cracking

    Hammering nails on the edge of the board, pre-seal the wood in place his driving, slightly deepening punch hammer. This will prevent the board from cracking.

    Robust Connect

    To obtain a strong connection, the nail must be of sufficient length and enter into the structure to which the nail at least one third. In order to give greater rigidity to cobble together the planks nails hammered at an angle to each other. During wet wood nail hammer is easier than in the dry, because wet wood is reduced elasticity. The dense wood nail is badly bent. To his goal, and that it is not bent, it is necessary to hold the middle of the pliers.

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