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    Forged metal fence. Masterpieces Petersburg. The history of the emergence and creation of forged fences.

    As soon as the ancient man built his own home, there is an urgent need - to protect it from enemy invasion. The first fence was probably a pile of stones laid around populated territrii and a wooden stockade completely obscured the house from the outside world, many centuries later transformed into a gourmet grille ...

    My house - my fortress

    Today in vogue private construction. Every homeowner wants to do something original: install intricate bars on the windows to protect your home or fence with unusual ornaments.





    Ornate fence could be a source of pride owner of the house, especially if it is made of wrought iron.

    Having a good house, it is not necessary to save not lattices. Crafts crafts mediocre design and the low level of performance will spoil the mood, not only you, but also passers-by. Refer to these professionals - and you can get a whole range of decorations for your home: from the gate and gate, combined with patterned sections of the fence, to conformable them windows, balconies arrays on roofs. All this will give your home a unique personal style, elegant shape and will perfectly fit into the urban environment.

    If you decide to confine window grilles remember - before you task is no less serious. After all, a prestigious facade - a person any company office. Much nicer window looks noble iron gate: once there is a desire to stop, to hold her own opinion, and this is a first step towards ensuring that a potential customer is gone to you.

    Let's go back to the fence, which is to be beautiful and at the same time powerful and strong. This is the first milestone on the way to your fortress. And the natural desire of every homeowner - to demand from the grid not only aesthetic, but also protective qualities. When choosing a decor avoid details that help to climb over the fence. It is reasonable to accommodate the sharp top edge elements with a frequency that does not allow to put between them a leg.





    The traditional version of this fence is not uncommon in the historic center; lattice consists of vertical rods, stylized spear.

    When making the fence should not forget about the reality: after all, the decorative elements of the non-ferrous metal can fall prey to our excessively enterprising citizens. It makes sense to take care that the lower edge of the grille was recessed into the ground - so that you can prevent a tunnel.


    Neva masterpieces

    " I want to roses in the garden, the only one where the best in the world is from the fence ... ", - Anna Akhmatova wrote. The richness of art metal Northern Capital is unrivaled. And, talking about grids, not to mention at least a few masterpieces of St. Petersburg.

    The fence of the Summer Garden ... 36 pink-ash columns topped vases and urns, alternated with iron links of black and gold lattice, which was built in 1770-1784 under the project of YM . Felten and PE Egorova. Links lattice amazing ease, rigor and harmony, forged Tula smiths, and granite pillars - the creation of village masons Putilova, located near St. Petersburg.





    But the fence Church of the Resurrection. Quaint and very beautiful pattern of forged links with plant ornament is characteristic of early modernism. The links located between the monumental cylindrical pillars with beautiful decor. Anyone familiar Square Ostrovsky Square. It is surrounded by a fence with a simple pattern, the links of which are attached to the cylindrical pillars. At the top of the grille - peak caps. The fence was installed in 1873 at the same time a monument to Catherine II, stands in the center of the square.

    Twenty-nine identical lions holding the teeth in heavy iron chains, Sverdlovsk lined promenade. They sit on pedestals square trampling the foundation stone of pudostskogo. In St. Petersburg, a lot of stone and cast-iron lions, but in such numbers they appear only in the fence. For lions, separating them from the house, it is simple lattice of vertical bars.

    In 1850, the project engineer SV Kerbedz built the first permanent bridge across the Neva River. Initially, it was called the Annunciation, and since 1855 - Nikolaev. Today it bears the name of Lieutenant Schmidt. The bridge was installed on an interesting pattern grille, designed by architect AP Bryullov. The song entered the allegory of sea elements: a series of openwork iron sections between transparent racks, pattern in the form of a trident of Neptune with saw palmetto, with both sides fantastic seahorses with their tails entwined in floral design. The inner space of racks filled figures vessels of different height and shape.

    Very beautiful lattice Foundry Bridge. Cast iron alloy section between the same racks are made from drawings by architect KK Raha. The figure of the lattice is a tendency common to the architecture of the second half of the XIX century: a mixture of styles. For example, if a square wave, which borders each link - a favorite motif of antiquity, the lush leaves, filling the grid, reminiscent of the Baroque decor. In the center section of the two mermaids are holding a shield with the coat of arms of St. Petersburg. Their tails are woven into decorative floral ornament. Gaps in the iron-poster filled with fantastic marine animals, descending into the depths of the water.

    The unsurpassed artistic iron casting, resembling the finest lace work - distinguished grille Song Bridge. Drawing made by a fan, the main elements of which are recurring palmettes.

    The original effect can be seen while driving along the Tuchkov bridge. Lattice fence of the bridge at first glance very simple. However, rods, square bars, intertwined in a certain way, create an unusual three-dimensional picture. Going over the bridge - and it seems that the fence undulates.

    St. Petersburg will soon be 300 years old. During this time, the city metal decor has changed - and today much need of restoration. Fortunately, in St. Petersburg there are skilled craftsmen who are able to give a historic metal rebirth.


    Strong elegant Romanesque and Baroque.

    The oldest metal bars are found in houses of worship in England, France and Italy - compared to secular architecture of the church was at a much lower level of development.

    Romance lattice XI-XII centuries, was collected from the vertical bars; the spaces between them filled with symmetrically arranged flat spirals chetyrehlepestkovymi clover leaves and other patterns without departing from the frame lattice. The frames were made of flat tetrahedral rods connected by ties and steel rods.

    In addition to the monumental Gothic era church fence of iron rods and forged to thin graceful lattice Shrine. Floral ornament of the gold to enhance the decorative effect.

    The present flourishing forged gratings in civil engineering refers to the Renaissance. Italy is widely deployed for the construction of mansions of the nobility - such a scale leads to economic and political crisis that has engulfed the country in the XVI century. The pace of urban life are weakened, and the representatives of the nobility retreated to suburban residences. There are extraordinary beauty of fences, railings for balconies and walls inside the house, diverse decorative elements to decorate the private gardens and parks.

    The starting material for the manufacture of grids is usually a four-sided, round and thin flat bars, as well as iron bands. In the early Renaissance ornaments were spiral volute, network and sableobraznye leaves. The bars are generally crowned differently modeled sheet. Grid treated equally - there was no such thing as the front and rear side.

    Gradually décor becoming more and more complex: the bars decorated with flowers and leaves, busts and figures, which are stamped or cast. Along with the old ways of combining the elements of the lattice (with the help of links and cross-bars) with time began to use welding. Grids were stained in bright colors, this tradition continued in subsequent stylistic eras up to the classicism.

    Grids are becoming more popular: they were given the opportunity to achieve hitherto unprecedented effect - everyone can admire from the street a rich mansion, and the master at the same time felt protected. In addition, the best of themselves were works of art.

    The dynamism inherent in the Baroque era, abolished the static vertical frame grille, and came to the forefront sophisticated mobile ornaments. Shoots acanthus palmettes, cartouches, volutes, flowers and leaves alternate with each other, posing great tangled thickets. Not to mention the exceptional effect of perspective grids. Due to the special arrangement of lattice gate, approaching the viewer think that before it opens a passage in the depths closes the portal.

    In an age of rococo filigree lattice pattern becomes, the recent signs disappear compartmentalization and symmetry. Non-stop shoot, garlands of leaves, flowers and other motifs destroy a single lattice plane and go beyond it.

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