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    Modern construction is impossible to imagine without the use of a variety of metal products. The metal is used everywhere and everywhere. In order to increase the quality of metal products and simplify the processing of...
    The first stainless steel appeared about a hundred years ago but in construction it began to use recently. Also, it is sometimes used as an architectural element. Stainless steel is an alloy of iron with...
    Not every private developer can communicate « on equal terms » with engineering and technical personnel of enterprises, specializing in the installation of pipelines. Special slang used by experts, not always understood by the...
    Modern metal — popular and sought after material for the creation of buildings and structures. They are produced in the factory, with modern equipment, high-quality materials. As a basic element used rolling metal produced...
    Modern construction allows the use of new materials, as well as those which use a decade ago was quite specific and limited. Stainless steel and its products are among the latter. They recently acquired...
    Polished stainless sheet — a very popular material among design. Many of the creators of the interiors like the metal product — And all thanks to its mirror properties. Due to the fact that...
    Aluminium – Material distributed in shipbuilding, automotive and aviation. Produced parts of it are light, highly durable, resistant to external factors. The metal surface is smooth, and therefore does not prevent the passage...
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