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    Cast - an alloy of iron with carbon (more than 2%), divided into unalloyed and alloyed, containing chromium, nickel, manganese, and other alloying elements.   cast iron used in the manufacture of products for municipal...
    Intricate lace ligature metal, frozen in a bizarre curl; fantastic patterns intertwining of stubborn, severe material at the behest of the master; elegant and uncluttered decor – it's all about the art of forging....
    Galvanized sheets of iron, steel , parts and fittings for much longer defy rust. Wooden parts held together with galvanized fasteners, less destroyed.   On sale are very rare...
      Weathervane is a device that is used in metrology for measuring wind speed and direction. There is also a weather vane Wilde, who simultaneously with the measurement of the wind direction makes a determination...
    For building and construction industry is made mesh, which is used in the process of work on the construction of residential and industrial buildings. Typically, these objectives acquire metal welded wire mesh, improves...
    One of the global problems of humanity today, as in the past century - a fuel resources. And a major role in providing energy to all sectors of the economy today, playing   oil. Oil...
    Currently, the market for fixing and wire products in Moscow is growing and expanding, opening new businesses and companies: someone offers services for the production of metal products, someone is marketing firm or company....
    Corrosion – the destruction of the material under the influence of adverse external factors – temperature changes, high humidity, that is due to any inadvertent interaction with the environment.   The corrosion prone plastic, rubber, and, of...
    The most common way is mechanical cutting – using a guillotine, grinding wheels and circular saws. We can not say that this method has a strong damage of the treated metal, for example, hot splashes...
    Qualitative characteristics of stainless steels and high operational parameters, which include, firstly, a high corrosion resistance, and secondly, high damage resistance, allow the use of such materials in the mass design and construction, both...
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