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    Currently, the industry around the world is going through the next stage of reforms related to the tightening of environmental standards – It takes a universal rejection of the lead. Germany has substantially limited...
                    Accurate nailing Sheet of plywood or steel sheet surface not only insure items from accidentally hitting it with a hammer, but also serve...
    Q: What is the corrosion of metals? Corrosion – This process of destruction of the surface of metals under the influence of chemical and electrochemical effects of the environment surrounding them. Experts estimate the total...
    As soon as the ancient man built his own home, there is an urgent need - to protect it from enemy invasion. The first fence was probably a pile of stones laid around populated territrii...
    Fasteners are one of the most important elements of any facade insulation systems. Plugs right choice is the key to high-quality and durability of the front system. This article focuses on...
    PROBLEM cracking The cracks, which are formed in the cement weight at different stages of hardening and becoming with time break (qualitative changes in flooring and pavements). The ability to solve...
    The increase in the growth rate of construction contributes to the emergence of new materials and technologies that can significantly reduce the level of costs and timing of construction of various types of buildings, while...
    Almost everyone who builds a house, faced with the need to purchase products from metal rolling – fittings, angles, channels, corrugated, etc. What primarily makes the person taking the decision to buy a particular product?...
    Can you imagine that there are bridges and roads, on which you can go and see everything that is happening below them, that this is not fiction storyteller and engineering marvel? However, these designs have...
    Valves — welded or connected steel rods filled with concrete which, when working with concrete in concrete structures perceive tensile stress (although can also be used to reinforce concrete in the compressed zone). There are...
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