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      More recently, ladder urban houses was just in the hallways, and a place called " staircase ", in spite of the care house managements, frustrated residents dirt and scribbled walls....
    There are a few basic types of ladders : ·             on kosour; ·             and rails; ·             with the central...
    A spiral staircase with his hands The constructive alternative to stairway. This ladder are rarely used in   as a major. But   however, their role is  ...
    stairway - the most common version of ladder . This option is useful for lifting both people and large objects. It is completely different kinds and forms, but always consists of marches and...
    Mechanical attic stairs The design of attic stairs are: pantograph and sectioned. All attic stairs are equipped with lock and bar to open the hatch. Most models are equipped with stairways with...
    The main function attic stairs   — from the ceiling to appear only when it is needed, and   this is followed by additional useful quality. First folding attic staircase saves considerable...
    Basic elements stairs is not much - platforms, stairs and railings. We'll talk more about these elements . Balustrade - staircase with guard or balcony above the staircase,...
    What is the best ladder? The staircase is the most difficult element of the volume of residential houses, providing its vertical communication on different trajectories. Over the centuries of its existence inside the house,...
    As a result, long-term operation in the tread appear scratches, chips and stains, as well as traces of uneven wear and cracks. The stairs of any type is easy to replace individual tread ,...
    The problem of creaking stairs in the old — One of the most common. Treads rub against other parts of the staircase, and this once again points to the fact that some elements of the...
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