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      Integrated System Access Advisor MASTER GE Interlogix company for more than thirty years of experience in the development and production of security systems: fire and security alarm systems, access control systems, video surveillance systems. GE...
    GE INTERLOGIX/KALATEL: 16-channel DVRs DVMRe-16eZTX with built triplex multiplexer and network card 16-channel DVRs DVMRe-16eZTX (Digital Video Multiplexer Recorder, e - network version) Company GE SECURITY/KALATEL - it DVRs economy class with...
    The Journal №3 this year (p. 66-70) was published "A brief sketch of the fire automatics." To meet the wishes of readers, we decided to write a fairly lengthy story about the fire alarm...
    Write an article on the shutters, I decided not only on the instructions of the editorial board, but rather by the dictates of the heart. This topic is particularly relevant for me because that 20...
    Many of us only know about the fire extinguisher that his place in the corner of a wall or in the trunk of a car. We know also that with this bottle...
    The camera - image source object selected for surveillance or protection. We all know how much of CCTV camera depends on which is the basic element of these systems. Properly selected camera provides high image...
    The aspiration method of fire protection systems dymoopredeleniya displays qualitatively higher level. Forced air bleed from the protected volume monitoring ultrasensitive laser smoke detectors provide early detection of critical situations. The aspirating smoke detectors...
    Why a safe? Safe used for storage and protection of money, jewelery and all sorts of documents. BSE: Safe (Eng. safe, literally - safe, secure, reliable), steel fireproof box or cupboard for storage of...
                                                          It is well known scene from a science fiction film: the hero comes to the door and opens the door to hear him. This is one of the most vivid demonstrations...
    What did not the market offers, in order to protect the home and make it an impregnable fortress for the intruders! Doors, supercomplex and heavy-duty locks, metal grilles for windows and an alarm...
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