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    The unique properties of copper make it a wonderful roofing material, which is a whole range of factors and properties unmatched. The main advantages of copper roofing of the following: The longest service...
    Basic instructions for installing roofing Weckman on the old roof.   A. The old roof profile 1. Leave the old main profiled roof 2. Attach the rafters ventilation slats on the height profile 3....
    Sheets, plastic-lined, should be checked every year, best in spring. Believe me, care for the roof is very important if you want to extend its life and maintain its beautiful appearance. Remove the...
    Mounting trapezoidal sheet   3.1 Measure sheet   Over the length of the sheet usually takes a long slope. When measuring the sheet from the inside razzhelobki, it is necessary to take into account the additional length...
    2. Installation of metal     2.1. Measurement sheets   Over the length of the sheet usually takes a long slope. If the slope of the roof, there are projections (see....
    1.             Overview     1.1     Reception of goods   Check the number of the received goods on consignment. Complaints...
    Zinc-titanium as well as copper and aluminum is an excellent roofing material.           The zinc-titanium is used for construction of new roofs, and for the restoration of old. Zinc-titanium alloy...
    The variety of forms and technical possibilities           At present, construction of cottages in differs extraordinary architectural diversity. Almost every village you can see a variety of design solutions not only to...
    Seam roof can arrange any of the crate with a certain pitch (usually 25 cm) or on solid ground. Failure desired (calculation) step may bend the steel sheets, resulting in weakening and possible deformation...
    Types of roofs From the roof structure largely depends on the choice of materials for the roof. Let's look at the basic types of roofs and some of its elements. Roofs are divided into flat...
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