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  • Repair of buildings

    The concept of " comfortable housing " It is made up of many factors. Everyone understands that the value of the apartment (house) is largely dependent on the location, water and air quality, radiation,...
    This word has come into our lives ten years ago, and so firmly that European style came to be called any more or less decent repair. Previously - whitewashed ceiling, pasted wallpaper - that's all...
    SOLAR HOUSE WITH WALLS OF AIR   Imagine the house in which every corner, even remote from the window penetrating light. You enter the apartment into the hallway or in the spacious hall of the cottage,...
    When making repairs the question arises where to start? First of all, in the new apartment should live a little. This is so that you will know more clearly what and where of...
    There are only 4 ways of how you can pass to another person in his own apartment or other real estate: namely, gift, rent, will, and buying and selling. Each of these methods has its...
    “ Balcony – protruding from the wall of a building site with a handrail, bars ” “ Loggia – open gallery, adjacent to the building. Or sort of a balcony, in-depth to the building...
    Arched doorways – architectural solution, visually separating the room device without doors. Arched openings can escape from standard solutions used in model construction. Arch lancet may be or round shape. Openings with...
    Several of my friends families in the past two years have changed the apartment. And what do you think made the first step? The mistake made by a firm, rapidly promote their products, very many....
    The accelerated pace of modern life imposes new conditions, and create new activities and type of business. The different realities of modern life? Permanent shortage of free time to spend with their children, with...
    So you have decided to move and looking for a company that can be charged as an important matter, for several days surf « World Wide Web ». Tell me honestly, do not you...
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