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    The subject of our conversation were showers that sellers are called " simple ". In them we just wash and nothing more. Did you know that buying a shower, you can also get a bath...
    Cascading mixers. The beauty and comfort. We can assume that cascading mixers are descended from human aspiration possible to recreate the beauty of nature at home. Anyone who at least once in my...
    For many years in our homes we reigned bath. Then they began to tear out the roots, replacing showers. There are several logical explanations. It appeared on the market the most diverse equipment for bathrooms....
    Unusual and sometimes extravagant forms, have recently considered quite unsuitable - all this has now become almost the norm in the design of plumbing. But if in other subjects is dominated design, the shape of...
    siphon - inconspicuously ASSISTANTS   Our homes have a lot of flea devices are rarely remember. Modest " rear workers " ensure our comfort and remind yourself just when out of order. To those concerns and...
      The healing properties of hydrothermal vents are known from ancient times. So in the territory of Georgia during the ancient state of Urartu baths were built on the basis of hot springs and has...
      Remember this terrible from our childhood: " sinks boss and commander of the sponges "? Poetry became a classic and almost all generations of children in Russia are familiar with this monster, created by the...
    In glossy magazines bathroom looks like a luxury saloon. Glow and shine, every little thing on its shelf, from the window you can admire the beautiful nature and the clouds drifting across the sky. There...
    Passed the time when to replace a bath, had served more than a decade and has lost its former luster and whiteness was a distant dream. Now, going plumbing shop, you'll find a huge selection...
    My free spaces with its simplicity and expressiveness, rigor proportions, geometric designs characteristic of the modern interior in general, did not ignore the attention and bathrooms. He appeared in stressed simple front cabinets, virtually no...
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