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    Perform painting work

    Perform painting work

    Preparation for painting works

    Before plastering-painting works , you need to prepare the ground. The surface must be cleaned of dirt, rust, grease, and in addition, dried (this is especially true for wood surfaces). If the pores of wood will be water, there will not penetrate the paint. She will lie on the surface, and then fall off.
    If the wood surface is dry and moist inside, when heated by sunlight and other impacts of water vapor pressure will be on the bottom of the paintwork and tear him.
    When cleaning the ceiling, if it had not been painted, first of all remove the old Anew. Small Nabeul can blur the hot water using a brush and rags, and fat needed to clean off a scraper in a dry form. You can pre-moisten it with hot water using a brush, and after 40 minutes remove with a scraper or spatula.
    Scraper or a spatula at an angle to the surface and lightly pressing the tool moving forward remove the layer moves Nabeul. Likewise, remove the spray solution, layering of paint and other contamination.
    Cracks in the ceiling and walls must first expand and then grease the appropriate staff. Podmazki produce a spatula, closing up is not only embroidered with cracks, but also sinks and troughs, which are on the surface. After drying, place grease and grind podgruntovyvayut.

    Painting work

    When performance of painting works need to have on hand a variety of supporting materials: plaster to seal cracks and patches of surface defects, the solution for   Plastering painting works ,   reinforcement of stains and plaque on the surface masonry chimneys, degreasing agents, a patch to close the sites are not subject to color, etc.

    A single-layer painting does not provide sufficient protection to the base, so you need to consistently apply a few coats of paint, each of which performs its functions.
    The lower layer is used for multilayer coating adhesion to the substrate. Skim coat, the final paintwork, protect lower layers from external influences and performs a decorative function. If oil paint applied in a single layer, the surface is wrinkled, and over time it will crack on.
    The number of layers depends on the type of ink, the desired quality of the coating and type of base. Glutinous paint is applied in two layers, water-based - in three, and some gloss varnish - in six or more layers.
    Each successive layer should contain more pigment and less binder. For example, an emulsion of primers greatly diluted with water, and to skim layer does not diluted. To obtain a quality paint coating is not necessary to paint with low or too high temperatures, as well as the sun, in a draft, in fog and light rain. During painting operations temperature must be below 5 C.
    Brush painting kept at a slight slant to the surface. In paint it dipped, dipping not completely, but only a quarter of the length of hair, excess paint from the brush was removed on the edge of banks.
    First, ink is applied to the edge, corners and hard to reach places, and only later on smooth surfaces. When the surface to above the head, often dripping paint on the handle of the brush. To avoid this, you can take an old rubber ball, cut it in half and one half to pass a handle brush. To the ball does not come off the handle, under it strengthens the gum. If there is no ball on the handle worn glassine circle diameter 5-7 cm.


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