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    Paint sprayer

    Paint sprayer This application method has several advantages, especially if painted with greater uniformity, does not overlapping surfaces. Coating materials of all types in this way are applied quickly and evenly.

    For hard surfaces paint spray is also useful, for example, the inner parts of central heating radiators. During spraying minute ink particles get on the painted surface, are connected to one another and form a uniform layer.

    When applying the paint in such a way to close all surrounding surfaces, which are not color, so you do not waste time and energy on cleaning. For this purpose, suitable adhesive tape, which can be attached paper or film.

    To get a straight edge of the painted surface can use self-adhesive tape stuck on the pre-beaten off with a cord or a plumb line. Once the liquid level falls, the capacity to be filled, or after the air intake air compressor throws uncontrollable amount of paint.

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