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    How to apply the paint with a brush

    How to apply the paint with a brush Although in recent years becoming increasingly widespread application of paint roller or using spray guns, at home still use brush for painting .

    Brush should be prepared - promyat it between your fingers and blow. To paint brush   You can use flat and round brushes. Size round brush selected depending on the nature of the painted surface or object, as well as on the thickness of paint materials.

    In the new round brush to shorten the length of the hair should be by a garter, otherwise it will spray paint. The length of loose hair - about 30- 40 cm .

    How to apply the paint.

    • The paint is applied evenly, first in one direction and then perpendicular thereto, good shading until until the whole surface will not be evenly dyed. The last movement of the brush on horizontal surfaces carry along their long sides, vertical top down, and if painted, wooden surface, then in the direction of growth rings of wood.
    • If the paint on the varnish, the last layer of smooth lightly brush in a perpendicular direction. To smooth out best to take the hair brush.
    • Large areas in the painting should be divided into several small, limited seams or straps. This takes into account the type of paint. Door leaf drying oil paint can be dyed all at once. If an oil enamel paint room, it is best to apply paint on the lower surface.
    • When painting vertical surfaces of the paint must be carefully shaded so that it did not flow down and does not form streaks. Paint runs down some time after its application, so do not take too much liquid paint or apply it with a thick layer.
    • If painted a complex relief surface with different grooves, you should remember that they should not be applied too much paint because it will drain, wrinkles and poor surface to dry.

    To get a straight edge of the painted surface can use self-adhesive tape stuck on the pre-beaten off with a cord or a plumb line.

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