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    Glossy and special acrylic paints

    Glossy and special acrylic paints This type of paint takes its name from the binder - acrylic resin forming a solid film after evaporation of the solvent (water in this case). Acrylic paint are suitable for almost all surfaces. They are easy to use, dries quickly, allowing you to apply a second layer, on average, four hours after the first, indispensable if you want to have a matt or semi-matt surface. Another distinct advantage of acrylic paints is that they do not have an unpleasant smell, but after working tools easy to wash off with water. Gliphtal paint - matte and satin.

    Due to the properties of its binder (alkyd resins), these paint dry in air through an oxidation process. They can be used in wet areas, as after drying the surface becomes waterproof. Gliphtal opaque paint, fit well and have the effect of a stretched film. And if for a long time, they are not particularly recommended for living spaces because of the strong smell, but now the situation has changed.

    Glossy acrylic paint.

    There are glossy acrylic paint and Gliphtal united under a common name - the enamel. They dry quickly, bred white - spirit or water, are both smell and without. These paints can be offered for wet or particularly exposed to dirty areas.

    Special acrylic paint.

    Ceilings that putty harder than paint, can be spared from the small defects using special inks in which the elastic resin to form a film, smoothing minor irregularities. Special anticorrosion paint (alkyd resin without lead) can be used without pretreatment of metal surfaces corrosion resistant coating. Paints for wood with micropores that allow the tree to breathe sometimes contain fungicides and bactericides components that prevent the formation of mold.

    Not so long ago there were insecticidal, fungicidal and bactericidal paints, specially designed to kill and repel insects, but also counteract pathogens and allergens. Safe for humans and pets method of pest control - the so-called « the system of emission », whereby on the surface of dried paint are microcrystals of active agents that selectively kill the organisms entered into contact with them.

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