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    Choosing paint. Tips for Choosing Paint

    Choosing paint. Tips for Choosing Paint Many infrequently faced with repair materials and looking through the Internet as the most advanced means for obtaining information. We present the main thrust of which is to the right   choosing paint . Often, you want to for example the room was of any color and can be washed surface. Currently, however, the paint should be perceived not only as a decorative coating, but also as a surface protection from external influences. The most noticeable is in the painting of different surfaces outside of buildings.

    Of what is to come in the choosing paint ? First of all it is necessary to clearly define how long you want to get around to the next repair. For example, 10 years. So, you do not need a special paint that will stand for 20 years. However, the stock, of course, necessary. The fact is that when you have a regular painting protect the paint application, and if she could collapse, ie starts to peel, fall off, etc. You will encounter a rather complicated surface preparation. You will have to clean shelled places, all loose material. After that - the surface alignment and other problems - different gloss paint with the old paint and a new surface, and so forth. This extra money spent on the material and above all to work (and/or your time).

    The second thing to consider when you choose paint - sufficient for your particular case the degree of protection. For example, we can take an epoxy or polyurethane floor paint and paint the ceiling. But you do not walk on the ceiling and you do not need it! Few even washes the ceiling, so there's likely to suit the paint resistant to dry wiping, which, of course, cheaper. However, the paint you choose should be resistant to some of the other influences and to arrange for you to opacity and durability. Simply put, you need to choose the necessary sufficient that suits you, do not overpay for unnecessary resistance, but not a bad bargain. So not easy, but not difficult choose paint .
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