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    You bought a new garage? Are you going to hold a thorough renovation in the old? Equip office space, warehouse or production hall? In any of these cases, as well as many others in front of...
    Council of the Institute paint quality of « Rohm and Haas ». Put time and money now – and you do not have to pay more. The holiday season in full swing and...
    The most common and well known of such   method of protecting facades, like coloring. At present we know many types of facade paints, differing on the properties and chemical composition. Modern...
    Facade work – GETTING STARTED painting facades? From all sides of modern man is surrounded by houses and buildings with different types of fronts . The appearance of facade materials, metal, plastic, glass, composite...
    Elements of stairways permanent factor: water, light, temperature fluctuations, friction, mechanical shock, etc. Secure paint or varnish ladder stronger resists the damaging effects of external factors. Paint – One of the...
    No high-quality interior decoration   space is not without floor painting . On the big shiny surface visible even the smallest flaw. If necessary, carefully remove the old paint and zashpaklyuyte floorboards....
    For two rooms in every apartment is characterized by a high level of humidity. It is, of course, a kitchen and bathroom. Increased moisture content in the form of steam and condensate leads to blistering,...
    Summer is the time of repair work and the months pass quickly, unlike the process of repair work. If there is a repair, and the time has come to change the color schemes – so...
    Caulking is a special composition, which is used for leveling, as well as decorative walls and ceilings indoors. They come in different types and different depending on its composition, purpose and readiness to use. The...
    Some types of paints and varnishes simply can not be used without a variety of solvents. The main purpose solvents for paints – obtaining the necessary structure density and viscosity. They have to...
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