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    Before the person who is going to build a country house cottage or just a weekend house, one of the first question arises: what to build? The most natural and environmentally friendly, but also...
    Abundance of colors that appeared on the market in recent years has the opposite direction. Problem of choice. What to take to painting garden shed? What paint to paint the doors and windows? What...
                                                                                                                                      What you need to properly paste parquet ? We need the correct glue . Accordingly, in order to properly cover the parquet floor varnish, lacquer need...
                                                 It makes no sense, in my opinion, to argue that it is better: paint wall or wallpaper glue on them? In fact, the painting of the walls is not...
    More recently, the idea of ​​ painted metal surfaces using waterborne paints seemed utopian. The most common of Metal - iron rapidly oxidizes in the presence of water, and then water-dispersion...
    Today, we introduce you to a large and respected group of construction materials, namely lacquers. According to the scope and material basis, they, like paint, is extremely diverse. Masters of the paint industry...
    What are paints Paint Material – is a composition which when applied to the surface of the painted product is formed into a continuous polymeric coating with specific properties. Such materials insulate...
    Colouring paints - a universal method of protection against premature aging of the facade. Painting not only determines the appearance of the building, its decorative features and aesthetic perception, but also protects the...
    The beauty of the interior designer is directly proportional to the professionalism and quality of finishing materials. In creating the interior design, we strive to make it personal and convenient, select...
    The cozy atmosphere in the room does not depend only on its reliability, safety and thermal properties, but also on the interior. One of the most effective design solutions is undoubtedly coloring - the color...
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