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    Building insulation, protection from destruction of its precipitation, increased fire resistance - this is probably the most important appointment of plastering . Any building is best grout only after complete precipitation. It may be...
    Water-dispersion (water-based) paint are used primarily for painting walls and ceilings, is very easy to use, do not contain organic solvents, due to which almost no odor and are considered...
    Many infrequently faced with repair materials and looking through the Internet as the most advanced means for obtaining information. We present the main thrust of which is to the right   choosing paint...
    When painting works use different composition Paint Paint : glue; lime; oil; enamel and others; All paints contain various binders, pigment and auxiliaries. Value of parts in paint is not by chance, so...
    Lucky to protect flooring : range, quality and price conditions. In recent years, the market of building materials increased sharply for sale piece, boards and laminated flooring. There was a lot of companies that sell...
    For   painting walls   roller require a flat metal box with longitudinal walls in the form of a trapezoid. In the box set a sieve with a mesh size of 10 -...
    This application method has several advantages, especially if painted with greater uniformity, does not overlapping surfaces. Coating materials of all types in this way are applied quickly and evenly. For hard surfaces...
    Although in recent years becoming increasingly widespread application of paint roller or using spray guns, at home still use brush for painting . Brush should be prepared - promyat it between...
    Preparation for painting works Before plastering-painting works , you need to prepare the ground. The surface must be cleaned of dirt, rust, grease, and in addition, dried (this is especially true for wood surfaces). If...
    This type of paint takes its name from the binder - acrylic resin forming a solid film after evaporation of the solvent (water in this case). Acrylic paint are suitable for almost...
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