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    Required tools: an ax, a bow-shaped saw, hacksaw, or two-handled saw with chain saws.   When selecting the direction of felling should take into account that it is always inevitable deviations, depending on the characteristics...
    This stage of development of the area is better to start in May, when the ground has thawed, but still wet. At this time, due to the ground roots of a weakened sod has not...
    When the uprooted stumps, removing rocks and roots on the site become visible all the features of relief and you can proceed to its layout and alignment.   Before you start section alignment ,...
    There are several methods of treatment of wood:   hewn Cut Planing Drilling Slotting Cutting Scratching Grinding Bonding wood To perform each of these methods, you will need some tools and possession of a...
      Wood species     Depending on what you want to do, use some type of wood.   First you need to determine if you have selected a bar to the conifers or deciduous....
    The most common in stores and sold lesobazah already dried wood and raw — quite rare. Depending on what you want to do and what you'll need a timber, you can buy logs...
    Before a person who is going to build a country house, a cottage or a country house, one of the first question arises: what to build? The most natural and environmentally friendly, but also not...
    Not so long ago in the consumer market there is a new material which combines the properties of wood and wood chipboard. This fibreboard specific density. In the furniture industry, they are already in use....
    Softwood used in the construction of pine, spruce, larch, fir, cedar. For the manufacture of load-bearing structures are more suitable pine and larch, in contrast to the spruce and fir are less susceptible to rotting....
    Thermal modification of wood has been known to our ancestors - in the manufacture of dishes and other wooden utensils wood pre-digested in the oil. This gave it the properties that could not be accessed...
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