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    Caulking exterior Plitonit-Cp. Characteristics and applications.


    Plastered Exterior   Plitonit-Cp   increased strength with water-repellent properties of cement-based designed to align the walls and ceilings of concrete and plaster based on cement in domestic and external works. Recommended for the facades of buildings.

    The thickness of the alignment from 1 to 5 mm. Color - white and gray.


    • increased durability - durability leveled surface;
    • frost - versatility: both indoors and outdoors;
    • water-repellent properties - increased fracture;
    • high plasticity - easy application and leveling;
    • small fraction of filler - up to 0.2 mm - possibility of alignment " zero ".


    Consumption: 1.2 - 1.3 kg/m & sup2; with a layer thickness of 1 mm.
    The surface temperature during operation - up to +60 & ordm; C.
    The maximum fraction of filler - 0.2 mm.

    Packaging: 3 kg and 20

    working conditions

    At work and during the next 3 days is necessary to ensure the maintenance of air temperature between + 5 & ordm; C to +30 & ordm; C. The temperature of the mix in the course of the work - from +10 & ordm; C to +30 & ordm; C.

    Preparation of the base

    The base under the plaster must be free from dirt, dust, oil, grease, all kinds of colors and have no loose items. When shpaklevanii ceilings and surfaces with high water absorption base must be primed on the basis of butadiene and styrene acrylate (for example, " primer Plitonit-1 ").

    Preparation of mortar

    For the mixing of dry mix to use water from the drinking water supply. Mixing ratio: 1 kg of dry putty mixture is required 0.31 - 0.35 liters of water. The dry mixture was filled into pre-metered amount of water at room temperature and stir for 2-3 minutes using an electric drill or an electric mixer with a nozzle, at a speed of not more than 600 rev/min, until homogenous. Post a mortar mixture stand for 10 minutes and re-mix. Repeated stirring allowed the addition of water to a maximum value of the above ratio. Usage time of ready mortar - no more than 2 hours.

    How to use

    Ready-mix mortar is applied manually using a trowel or a steel ruler. Smears applied perpendicular to each other. The recommended thickness of a single layer of coating - 2-3 mm. When applying several layers of fillings make sure that the previous layer is completely dry. Fillers need to flatten immediately after application, followed by grinding of individual sections after drying.


    unprimed surface dry before applying the solution is recommended to moisten.
    In the production process to periodically stir the mortar mixture and prohibited further dilution with water.
    Before painting or pasting coating is recommended to prime the putty primer based on butadiene or acrylate-styrene (for example, " Plitonit Soil ").
    In the production of upholstery work it is recommended to apply wallpaper paste " Plitonit ".
    At fast drying it is recommended to moisten the putty during the first day. Do not use rusty tools and dirty dishes.

    When working, use gloves.
    Avoid contact with the skin and eyes.
    Keep away from children!

    Terms of transportation and storage

    The mixture was transported in covered vehicles in accordance with the rules of transportation of goods.
    Bags of dry mix is ​​stored in covered dry conditions to ensure the safety of packaging and protection from moisture. The shelf life in the container manufacturer - 6 months from the date of manufacture.

    The manufacturer's warranty

    The manufacturer guarantees the mixture of technical requirements in compliance with terms of transportation, storage and instructions in this manual.
    The deviation from the net mass in accordance with GOST R 8.579-2001.
    Products authorized for use in all types of civil engineering (Aeff < 370 Bq/kg; I class materials NRB-99-SP


    For the dry mix
    Appearance of dry mix bulk homogeneous mixture
    The residue on the sieve with a mesh number 02,%, no more than 0,5
    Water consumption, l/kg 0,31-0,35
    Consumption with a layer thickness of 1 mm, kg/m & sup2; 1,2-1,3
    For the mortar putty mixture
    Mark on mobility, Pc PC3
    The viability of the applied mortar, min, min 20
    Time of drying putty to cover the degree of GOST 19007-73 for 3, hours, no more than 6
    Time of use of the finished mortar, hour, no more than 2
    For the finished coating
    Appearance of the coating after drying putty The surface of the putty coating should be smooth, no bubbles, scratches, cracks, mechanical impurities
    shrinkage putty coating There should be no cracks in the layer thickness of 5 mm
    The ability to be sanded grinds without water
    Runoff putty with a vertical surface of the No dripping
    The strength of adhesion to the base at the age of 3   days, MPa, no less 0,3
    Make a solution of the compressive strength of at least M100
    Water Resistance waterproof
    The average density of the solution in the design of age, kg/m & sup3; 1400
    Mark on frost resistance, no less F 75
    Specific effective activity of natural radionuclides, Bq/kg, no more than 370


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