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    Application of primer and putty repair


    Overview of the primers

    What's repair costs without using a primer and putty? Before you begin any decorating, you need to carefully prepare the surface to the applied coating pleasing to the eye for many years. Whatever the reference surface   (wood, concrete, metal, drywall), all cover must be firmly on it. For this purpose a primer is needed and that are absorbed deep in the substrate and improve her adgeziynye properties.

    Priming mixture improve the quality of finishing, they need to apply a thin layer of smooth movements. It is best to fit a wide spatula made of stainless metal. Of course, the concrete walls can not be primed, but then it is likely that some time will begin to fall off plaster, wallpaper to sag, and the final layer will begin to cover the gaps.

    Gone are the days when all the works used the same primer. Today, it produces a variety of primer materials that are suitable for a particular type of surface (metal, wood, concrete, plasterboard, etc.) correspond to the features of the room (dry or with high humidity), and are suitable for one or another way to further trim (painting , plastering, wallpapering). Their different drying time – from several hours to several days, depending on the composition and density of the substrate used.

    The primer composition comprises film-forming agent (bitumen, resin, adhesive, oil, etc.), pigments, various additives, drying accelerators. Funds are made on the mineral, alkyd, acrylic, copolymer and other basics. If the primer based on mineral oil, which means that as the binder used cement. Such compositions are suitable for primary and leveling concrete, brick, plaster, expanded clay blocks. They have good properties and adgeziynymi provide firm contact with the topcoat, including wallpaper, alkyd and acrylic paint.

    Primers alkyd based needed to cover the timber, chipboard and fibreboard. They give good grip on surfaces such as glass, tile, plastic, glass and galvanized steel. For rooms with high humidity using a primer with fungicidal additives.

    Primers based on mineral producing companies such as " Knauf Gips ", OPTIROC (Finland), DUALEST (France), " Meffert AG FABVERKE " (Germany). In addition, the popular acrylic and alkyd primers TIKKURILA (Finland), the funds on the basis of latex vinilakrilovogo UCP PAINT (Canada), a primer based on the suspension of the association " Yaroslavl PAINTS ".

    Categories Priming putty-tools

    Conventionally, coats and fillings, presented in the market can be divided into 4 categories.

    • Cheap materials; This category includes a primer designed for all types of interior work.
    • High-quality materials from local producers, created on the basis of imported components. The most outstanding representatives are brand " GLIMS ", " Yaroslavl PAINTS ", " IVSIL ", TIGI-KNAUF, " EUROLUX " and others.
    • The third group includes materials from well-known foreign companies. It TIKKURILA, ATLAS, OPTIROC, DUFA, JOBI and others.
    • The fourth category is the most rare, it consists of elite materials from Europe, which are used only on request. For example, a specific mixture LUGATO CHEMIE, which allow even adjust the speed of drying primers and fillers.

    As for the price category, then 10 liters of primer first level will cost 90 rubles, the second category of – to 300 rubles, the third – 400-600 rubles. Proceedings of the fourth level are 3-4 times more expensive than a mixture of 3 categories.

    If the financial position, the materials of the second and the third group can be combined. Import processing wall, ceiling, outer corners of the cabinet, living room, bedroom, etc., And the domestic subsidiary compositions and minor premises.

    Choose a primer for surfaces

    When selecting materials, need to pay attention to the porous substrate, ie the ability of a surface to absorb moisture. On the basis of the best low-porous applied priming agent with high adgeziynymi properties and better reinforce the loose soil, which penetrates deep into the pores. Universal compositions suitable for medium surface on which a drop of water dries in 3-20 minutes. The surfaces that do not absorb moisture, such as concrete monolith, it is necessary to process a special primer. To do this, fit a mixture of " Betokontakt " from companies TIGI-Knauf, Consolit 301 from the firm " console ", " Vetonit TT " from the Finnish company OPTIROC. The last part is often used in the preparation of bathrooms under the tiling.

    Humid areas — baths, saunas, bathrooms, swimming pools — also require the use of special primer compositions. On the surface, it must be created a thin moisture barrier, which does not allow moisture to get inside. You can use Waterproof Primer 94 from the French company SEMIN, it is applied in two layers. The first creates a water-insoluble seal, and the second — elastic film. Also suitable universal priming coat Elegant 144 (from UCP PAINT), which fills the small hollow and at the same time evens out the surface. After drying, it is polished, can be used for interior and exterior use.

    Surface for painting should be prepared using the materials of the same manufacturer. Treatment of the soil is required, the optimum layer thickness – 0.2 mm, the amount of the composition depends on the surface: the larger pores,   the more coats must. The final sanding is carried out after drying, this handy grinder grater with a handle. Samu mixture is prepared using an electric drill with a special nozzle.

    Putty for interior work

    Even if primer is applied with a thick layer, it will repeat the profile of the surface. That is why the perfectly smooth walls can be achieved plastering or sticker sheet materials. The final alignment is carried out by means of putty, which is easy to sand drying. All modern fillers are sold in the form of dry mixes, diluted with water or ready-made pastes.

    Gruborelefnymi am putty (leveling) and finishing. Gruborelefnye or rough formulations need for pre-alignment of the walls, they applied a layer of 0.5-2.5 mm in a single pass. Finishing the fillings are necessary for the closing of cracks and small scratches and defects, they must be applied thin layer – to 1 mm. Putty is applied in several layers, each of 0.1-0.2 mm, with intermediate drying. Home – does not exceed the thickness, or may later cause cracks. Superfinishing – This is particularly delicate materials, they are applied even thinner layers.

    High dry fillers are made of cement or gypsum addition polymers, so providing a good adhesion to the surface material, they are flexible, water-resistant, easy to process. Gypsum filler may be used only in dry areas, they are easy to use and respond well to polishing. Fillers cement-based moisture resistance are different, but they can only be sanded after 1-2 days after application, because over time they become stronger, and within a month to process these surfaces is very difficult.

    Putty mixtures are prepared immediately before the execution of works, also should pay attention to the shelf life of the composition of preparation, because they gradually lose their plastic properties. Modern fillers suitable for use from 5 to 24 hours.

    It is proved that the wallpaper, even the most reliable, behind the wall more often if glued directly to plaster. A layer of filler must be present! Only in this case through the wallpaper will not be viewed by all surface defects – pits, scratches, wallpaper will not bubble and wrinkles, and will lay flat web.

    Manufacturers filler

    Most major manufacturers of building materials and paint offer and line fillers for interior work. In the  market are well represented firms PUFAS, TIKKURILA, JOBI, DUFA, OPTIROC, TIGI-KNAUF, " Svyatozar ", " console ", " Knauf Gips ", " STROYKOMPLEKT ", " GLIMS PRODUCTION ".

    The high-quality composition of the solid particles have a very small cross section, for example, rough putty compositions of the brand " Vetonit " fractions have a maximum diameter of 0.6 mm, and in finishing — and all 0.1 mm. As a result, walls and ceilings are obtained smooth and even. Besides fillings made with the addition of various chemicals that increase adhesion and durability, provides uniform drying of the mixture.

    Among the manufacturers of the materials stand out companies TIGI-KNAUF and OPTIROC. Their line of materials for interior work is quite extensive, with the high quality combined with reasonable price. Also popular company TIKKURILA (series " Spakkeli ", " Presto ", " Lakkakiti "), " GLIMS PRODUCTION " (series " GLIMS-300 ", " gypsum-GLIMS ", " GLIMS-100 ") – finishing and superfinishing putty, diluted with water, " Knauf Gips " (" Finish-paste ", " Fugenfyuller-Hydro ", " Fugenfit ", " Bord-finish ").

    Typically, the range of materials from the same manufacturer is designed to ensure that customers do not have a problem of incompatibility. Therefore it is best to choose tile adhesive, putty, primer and dry mixtures of the same brand.

    Count all in advance! To subsequently encounter misunderstandings on payment of repair, better to make estimates to determine the class and the allowable cost of materials. In the standard works of the volume of material consumption is almost the same as consumption norms specified by the manufacturer. Plaster and flooring works are among the most expensive painting and decorating, is about one-third of the total cost of interior decoration. Therefore it is better to assess their strengths and opportunities in advance.  

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