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    If you spend any building, any repairs, then you can not do without specialized organization of this site! The main aim for good repair - the right choice of building materials, because it affects your...
    More recently, tilers have been forced to make the solution themselves. Ingredients produced By direct tively before lining, measuring out ingredients " to the eye ". The quality of this adhesive depended on the...
    How would you object or erected: a small country house or a luxurious palace, without cement you can not do. This material is needed: To perform masonry work.  For the device sex. When decorating the room. To create...
    The floors in production halls, warehouses, terminals, garages, parking lots, shopping centers, markets and other areas with heavy traffic of visitors to withstand high loads, be chymotrypsin and moisture resistant. To this end,...
    The use of decorative coatings for registration of property goes back to the beginning of the history of man on earth. Rock paintings in the caves of southern France and excellently extant frescoes of Pompeii...
    Cementing materials are an essential part of building and plaster. In the construction business as binding materials commonly used lime, cement, gypsum and clay that when water is added to the dough and...
    The ease and speed – these are the qualities that can identify virtually all of modern construction industry. From interior decoration, everyone tried to do everything at the highest level, fast, simple, but with...
    Who has not come across in my life with the repair work, and decided on their own to make major repairs in his apartment should understand how much will spend time, effort and money...
    Venetian plaster has recently received widespread, as it combines an amazing appearance and high durability of the coating, which can be operated more than 15 years without any significant changes in their appearance....
    Venetian plaster — it is one of the most ancient of finishing materials, which was known in the days of the Roman Empire. It includes a marble powder, gypsum and limestone. Modern Venetian plaster also...
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