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    If you remember, we wrote about the remarkable properties Vetonita. However, it concerns only one of its species – Vetonita floor. But as it turned out, in a family of materials called Vetonit includes...
                                                          The fact that the car manual labor more productive, everyone knows. Europeans have long appreciated the benefits of moving to the machine-finish surfaces. The figures speak for themselves: with mechanized...
                                                          Abrasive powder is known in various industries under the names: kupershlak mineral fraction shlifzerno, etc.              Abrasive powder is designed for blast cleaning the following surfaces:                               metal - removal of old...
    For internal plastering can be used clay, lime, lime, gypsum, clay, lime, cement, cement-lime mortar. All materials for the solutions need to pre-sift or strain through a sieve (cell cross section...
                                                          Of all the natural materials used in road construction rubble, perhaps, can be considered a major.              The total cost of road construction materials costs exceed 60%....
    The mixture of grains of gravel of various sizes subjected to sieving to separate fractions. Particle size less than 3 mm is used as sand. Grains of rubble have acute-angled shape of the surface is rough,...
                                            On what grounds can work?              The basis of the ideal floor covering is a thorough analysis of the state of the object. Our coatings may be applied on almost any ground. Here are...
    Destination cementitious materalov - tie into monolithic whole all the components of the future product or design. There are two types of binders - hardening only air - air and material properties on which the...
    In the early 20th century cast iron manufacturers started looking for possible areas of use of blast furnace slag – Product obtained with iron in a blast furnace as a melt. In 1908 the beginning of...
    Consumer preferences have changed in recent years toward the high consumption mixtures. With all the advantages of modern dry mixes many builders are faced with the problem of lack of knowledge on the...
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