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    Any house in a simplified form a box. Make it out of her palace, with any style, help dry mixes (SSS) and the overhead part of small architectural forms.   For plastering must first choose the right...
    The modern production of dry mixes is unthinkable without the use of mo-modifying agents. Despite the fact that the basic processes of formation properties of mortars determined interactions in the system, introduction to a system...
    Why is it impossible to take a picture of?     Translated from Italian « bel canto »  – is « beautiful singing ». In the encyclopedia, I read that this style of music is different «...
    The appointment binders materalov - tie into a monolithic entity all of the components of the future product or design. There are two types of binders - hardening only air - air and material...
    The first information about how highly thinners superplasticizer concrete and mortar mixes appeared in the early thirties, and in 1935 had received the first patent. World War II pushed the widespread use of this type...
    Shrink and technological cracks in the facades of buildings, cracks in the ceiling and walls in the interiors of apartments and offices, cracks at the joints gypsum board, crack & hellip ;, cracked &...
                                                          Modern building places high demands not only to the reliability and durability of buildings, but also to their appearance, efficiency, ease of operation. Currently, the most common solution to create...
    Called asbestos cement products, made from a mixture of asbestos, Portland cement and water. The fine fibers of asbestos in asbestos carried out as to the role of reinforcement and cement, mixing with water, a sticking...
    How much any building materials, hitherto unknown, appeared in our markets and in the shops! Just head spin! Especially when you start to look for something for yourself. Before, I was lucky: the repair...
    One of the new and very popular solutions in the repair of apartments is the use of decorative (texture) of plaster. Textured plasters are of different colors and form a mixture based on synthetic...
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