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        Cement brand PC 500-D0 is used in the manufacture of critical concrete and reinforced concrete in the construction industry, where there are high demands on the water resistance, frost resistance and durability....
        The cement brand PC 500-D20 is used in industrial, residential and agricultural building for the production of precast concrete, foundations, beams, floor slabs, etc., as well as successfully used for the manufacture of...
    Cement brand PC 400-D0 is used for the production of precast concrete and reinforced concrete structures using hydrothermal treatment, as well as for concrete, reinforced concrete underground, overground and underwater structures subjected to the action...
          Cement brand PC 400-D20 is used in industrial, residential and agricultural building for the production of precast concrete, foundations, beams, floor slabs, wall panels, and others. The cement of this...
      Plastered Exterior   Plitonit-Cp   increased strength with water-repellent properties of cement-based designed to align the walls and ceilings of concrete and plaster based on cement in domestic and external works. Recommended...
    mastics used for gluing of rolled materials on various surfaces and gluing strips of rolled materials in multi-layer coatings. used and how obmazochnye materials, as well as protective coatings. There are asphalt and wood tar mastic....
      Overview of the primers What's repair costs without using a primer and putty? Before you begin any decorating, you need to carefully prepare the surface to the applied coating pleasing to the eye for...
    Ten years ago we did not know the drywall. When decorating the room elegance and expressiveness achieved by using good old plaster and stucco. Now, designers, architects, builders only wonder: how did they could...
    In this article we look at the modern technology training and leveling the floor using dry leveling compounds, followed by fastening facing flooring, such as ceramic tiles, textile carpets, plastic coatings, linoleum, wooden boards,...
    In the last decade of the XX century, the use of dry mix during construction, finishing and repair work has finally become the norm in our country. Materials for floors, waterproofing and repair pastes, adhesives...
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