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    Which glove best choice for construction work?


    The acquisition of workwear and personal protective equipment - respirators, gloves, helmets - an integral part of ensuring appropriate safety standards during construction works. But there are many objective reasons, complicates the choice. Among the abundance of goods offered today the question of which gloves best choice for construction work - often remains open, and superintendents for their employees acquire the first available specimens are not always of good quality. But on the reliability of protective gloves depends on the health of the skin of hands of workers and specialists and the corrosive effects of the environment.
    Which glove best choice for construction work?
    All gloves for construction work can be divided into two categories:
    - The first involves products made from high quality materials in industrial volumes, often reinforced by special yarns, or equipped with additional security features - inserts, spraying, etc. These gloves are rugged, durable, can withstand contact with aggressive chemicals and compounds, do not break, even when a small clue and did not crawl into pieces at the slightest contact with rough surfaces;
    - A second category of products intended more for repairs and in fact is suitable for use only once. These gloves are of low quality - most of them are made from recycled materials and can not be regarded as a truly reliable hand protection.
    Which glove best choice for construction work?
    Of course, the purchase of low-quality gloves would be a waste of resources and all the benefits that obvious at first glance because of the difference in price can be reduced to zero in just a single work shift. However, for the repair crews it may even be beneficial. For example, after the paint work gloves unlikely to be re-used.
    Yet the highest quality traditionally different professional construction gloves, which are incorporated into the polyester fiber impregnation, strong threads or suffered by spraying the polymer composition, which protects against contact with aggressive chemicals. At the same time the inside of the gloves did not suffer from such a spraying and remains soft and pleasant to the touch,   a fact, should be cotton surface.
    One indicator of the poor quality of construction of gloves is a sweating of palms in the process. Quality products are created so as to provide maximum ventilation of the skin of hands during glove use. If the processes in creating gloves have been violated - expect them to reliable skin protection is not necessary. The use of low-quality gloves should decisively reject in any case, because the hand from slipping or incorrect movement caused by the wrong position of gloves can cause a potentially dangerous situation, which in the conditions of the construction work may occur at any time.
    Buying party building gloves need to pay attention to the availability of certification and certificates of product conformity with requirements set out in the framework of the existing Standard. It is worth remembering that when checking the safety during construction work is taken into account, including the quality of the means of protection. A long life to truly make quality gloves hee purchase much more profitable than the need for ongoing purchases of parties « cheap » low-grade construction gloves.
    In carrying out large-scale construction with the assistance of the permanent working teams will be much more profitable to enter into a contract for the supply of protective gloves of good quality directly from the manufacturer or an official representative of the company that produces similar products. In this case, it will be possible to avoid disruption of supplies gloves parties, and in the quality of products from reliable suppliers can be no doubt. In addition, the manufacturer may offer regular customers goods at a discount or free shipping product to the customer, which can also bring good economic benefits.
    Checking the quality of the gloves in the procurement of the first batch is best done personally and very carefully - literally – « touch ». Shoddy goods from recycled materials are very easy to identify at a " loose " weave structure, and the price is too low to be cause for concern rather than to please.
    So what are the gloves should prefer? The best option in the price/quality ratio is traditionally considered the type of gloves from cotton yarns with PVC coating. This combination allows a practical rid skin of the hands from damage and injuries, reliably protecting it from external aggressive environment. In the cold season you can replace x/cotton gloves on the more practical and warm woolen knitted and able to protect your hands from frostbite and hypothermia.

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