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    Which building hairdryer choose?

    Building dryer is a universal device used for soldering pipes, heating and drying the surface of various objects. To perform such a wide range of activities, modern building dryers have different capacity and equipped with a variety of nozzles.  
    Building hair (also called termofenom, Thermo hairdryer or industrial) has the same operating principle as the household, to give them different temperature that is much higher.  
    Which building hairdryer choose?
    The primary elements are the building dryer heating element and a fan that blows heated air.
    Used building dryer welding plastics and linoleum, remove old paint, drying and blowing surface, warming the frozen water pipes. Some models have a feature hair dryers blowing cold to rapidly cool any surface.
    When selecting the dryer primarily pay attention to the number of modes of temperature regulation. A large number of modes lets you use this device a wide range of work. Typically, the temperature is controlled either by using the device located on the handle of the handle or by using a special control panel. This panel is an accessory often more expensive professional devices and allows you to smoothly change the temperature and the strength of the flow of air issued a hairdryer. This feature considerably extends the scope of application of the device, as even similar materials have significantly different melting temperatures.
    In order to protect the building from overheating dryer, many models have the function of monitoring the temperature of the heating element. Exceeding the maximum allowable temperature of just a hair off. The most common causes of overheating dryer are:
    - Devices too close to the surface to be treated when hair gets reflected from the surface of the already hot air  
    - The presence of barriers to entering the air through the cooling air vents.
    Which building hairdryer choose?
    When selecting building dryer should also pay attention to the type of handle used in the device. Some models have open arms, others - closed. For tool with open arms characterized by smaller dimensions, but there is a significant disadvantage - hand working with a hairdryer is not protected from the hot air and splashes of molten hot material. This disadvantage is eliminated in a device with a closed-type handles, plastic plate which provides reliable protection hands as the flow of hot air, and from flying spray of molten material to be treated.
    On the scope and the speed of the dryer building directly affects its power. For a variety of devices, it is in the range 930-2300 Vt.
    With the increase in power increases the speed of the planned work.
    Which building hairdryer choose?
    For the most effective use of its dryer kit should include as many different attachments or given the opportunity to work with additional purchased accessories. Each nozzle there is a specific purpose. For example, for the distribution of hot air is applied flat nozzle used also for drying and separating the ink and thawing. Round tapered to the tip of the nozzle is used for work requiring concentration of hot air on the small   areas, for example, when soldering pipes and brewing slots. Also it is used as an adapter for the installation of another kind of nozzles. Welding overlapping sheets of PVC film held a narrow nozzle. The concentrated stream of hot air produced by the cutting nozzle allows you to cut the hard foam. Nozzle reflector enables tinning, soldering and heat shrink. Use of protecting the nozzle allows you to work without fear of excessive strain sensitive to overheating material. Before you give the necessary form of plastic pipes for heating their use reflector nozzle.
    From the consideration of the characteristics of building fen it becomes clear that for the correct selection of a suitable device should first determine the purpose of its use.
    To perform simple household works suitable simple device with low power, having a small number of selected temperatures and a complete standard set of nozzles.
    When choosing a hair dryer to carry a large volume of specific works in the first place pay attention to professional models, have higher   efficiency and long service life.    

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