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    What you should know when choosing electric, gasoline-powered tools

    At present, the market of electric, gasoline-powered tools offer a large selection of leading companies of the world (KINZO, Makita, Bosch, Kress, De Walt, etc.).
    According to the technical requirements of the tool is divided into professional and non-professional (domestic). The difference in price of these instruments is determined by the characteristics of the design nodes, duration and other technical characteristics.  
    A professional tool is intended for use in production for a long time and, therefore, provides for certain skills of the users. In the manufacture of its units are used more quality materials and new technologies. Household tool intended for use in the home, it is easy to use and basically universal. Construction of such a tool designed for ease of use.   Most businesses produce multifunctional tool designed to perform various types of work, such as a drill with a regime punch, drilling, working with screws and the ability to cut thread. Typically, these tools are used in the household (home) environment and can not fully replace the tools designed for specific types of work (professional tool).  
    There are several sources of power tools: AC current from the batteries of the actuator (by air), from gasoline and diesel engines.
    tools imported must be certified for use in our networks.  
    Tool with battery advisable to acquire for use in areas where there are no stationary power sources. The disadvantages of such a tool is brief work between charges and the high cost of batteries.
    tools available power supply from the AC (220W), it is necessary to have protection from electric current, as it can cause severe injury. Such a tool is double insulated. First level isolates the electrical components of the instrument. The second protects the product's enclosure. Such a tool has a specific graphic symbol on the case and the data sheet products, it can be used without grounding.  
    Powered provides for lubricants corresponding to these types of engine. The disadvantage is their large mass and high energy costs. The undeniable advantage is its mobility. Structurally, the instrument must have good appearance, convenient for the hull shape and the elements controls should be easily accessible.  
    Tools should be provided aids protection (guards, extra pens, light switches Start with special protection, etc.).
    For many types of work in the tools should provide the main elements of the start-up, the presence of limiting the maximum power reversionny movement, inrush current limit (for power tools). If the tool is working with a large release of dust, it should be equipped with a connection for a vacuum cleaner.  
    defined in what tool you decide to purchase, you should not just buy the product. Discover more tool manufacturers. Make a series of tests to determine the quality inclusions build power units. Power nodes in the quality of collected tools should work smoothly without failure and extraneous knocks, vibrations from them should not be transmitted to the cabinet, and the sound of their work must not exceed the permissible limits.   If you turn off these products stop rotating parts should be smooth, gradual. In these moments very clearly audible background noise.

    If the selected product meets these requirements, you will get to work a real pleasure.

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