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    What criteria should be chosen screwdriver

    Construction and repair not only require the purchase of building materials and hiring people, but also the purchase of special power tools. One of the essential elements of the building is an electric screwdriver, choosing who should pay attention to some of its defining characteristics.

    If you rent composting toilets – uncontested event on construction sites where there is no water communications, using the screwdriver has two options – manual and electric tools. With a significant amount of work is appropriate second option, while for repairs can be screwed a couple of screws and manual.

    If you have to screw the screws tight, choose a tool with a torque of 15-20 nm. The higher the score, the more versatile tool: it can be used for its intended purpose, and as a drill. Professional equipment provided with a torque of 130 nm, but for domestic purposes it is more than enough. The optimum speed of rotation of the working part of the tool – 400-500/min, high frequency battery plant will be quickly and is not recommended.

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