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    The choice between impact drills and rotary hammers

    What to choose: impact drill or a hammer, what characteristics you should pay attention to?

    Every day it is becoming clearer, and the need for this increased snowballed. It was necessary to drill a couple of dozen holes in the wall, ceiling and floor, available punch and a hammer did not please the complexity of work. Who among us has not faced a similar problem? And when we come to the store, it is necessary to do " hard " choose between impact drill and hammer.

    Looking at the booths in large stores selling tools, we will see dozens of names that are similar in properties " stenoprobivnyh machines ". And what brands: " BOSCH ", " DEWALT ", " BLACK & amp; DECKER ", " MAKITA ", and other equally worthy producers. But what if we need one and preferably for all occasions.

    Let's talk first about the basic technical characteristics:

    - rated power - it is clear that the greater the power, the easier it will be to carry out any work;

    - the speed to idle (number of revolutions);

    - the diameter of the holes formed for different materials in a mode with a bang.

    The choice between impact drills and rotary hammers The choice between impact drills and rotary hammers The choice between impact drills and rotary hammers

    But most manufactured today percussion drills and hammers are and other interesting possibilities:

    - speed control - speed depends on the strength or pressing the start button, or exhibited in a special disk controller;

    - there are also models with a processor that supports and chooses the optimum speed of rotation, depending on the chosen type of material and certain of his own drill diameter;

    - lock button trigger in the operating position;

    - reverse - the ability to rotate the drill in both directions, it is convenient if you need to turn the screw, as well as the drill gets stuck in the material to be treated.

    The principles of operation of the hammer drill and punch.

    Principle penetration holes using a hammer drill is that the rotation and percussive effect on a drill is transmitted from the two being in contact with the ratchet, the amplitude of shock is small, which greatly reduces its effectiveness increases the force with which to put pressure on the tool and vibration.

    The choice between impact drills and rotary hammers

    There are two-speed impact drills type of work on the principle of the mechanism can be compared with an automatic transmission vehicle, due to this they are more efficiently used power tools.

    Inside the punch is an electromechanical or electro-pneumatic hammer mechanism, which itself is shot, it remains only to press the button. When working with the hammer you need not make an effort. When working with solid materials more durable hammer.

    Let us consider for a start on all sides hammer drill.

    Everyone has long familiar shape in the form of a pistol, a collet chuck of metal. Capacity ranges from 400 to 1200W. The ability to control the speed of rotation to 3500ob/min, the operating mode switch " drilling "/" ", chiselling lock button trigger in the operating position. Here " gentlemanly set ", which can be found in all known impact drill manufacturers.

    What can be squeezed out of the above?

    - the possibility of drilling holes in metal, wood, masonry, and for drilling in concrete is needed the most powerful tool of the lineup almost every company;

    - at low revs and corresponding nozzles convenient to wrap bolts, screws, self-tapping screws;

    - with additional devices, can be used as a hammer drill sander, " ", grinders stationary drill.

    The choice between impact drills and rotary hammers The choice between impact drills and rotary hammers The choice between impact drills and rotary hammers

    Of course, the greater the power of the hammer drill, the easier it is to punch a hole the diameter of the largest, but at the same time increases the mass of the instrument. For example, at one and the same manufacturer, with a capacity of 400W impact drill can weigh 1,4kg, and at 900W - is 2,5kg.

    In terms of reliability, quality tools above firms are not subject to doubt. With proper operation (constant short-term work to 40c, quality sharp drill as wood and metal, as well as concrete and brick, depending on weather conditions, such as work tools, brought in from the cold, to begin no earlier than 1,5-2 hours) will last you a long time.

    We now turn our gaze to the more powerful 800 to 1500W, heavy 2 to 11kg hammers. Unlike impact drills, they are Overall, the engine can be located at the drills horizontally (in the form of a pistol), and vertically (in the more powerful models). Have SDS chuck (to change a bit, enough to pull the cartridge) and the appropriate tooling.

    The choice between impact drills and rotary hammers you vote, if you need to drill holes in hard materials such as reinforced concrete or stone, they can drill large holes using punch easy Make a small break in the solid wall or floor. A professional can replace drills and hammer.

    The technical characteristics of the drills indicated strength (energy) impact and frequency of beats per minute. First varies from 2.2 to 3Dzh and professional perforator, such as from 2 to 10Dzh or 5 to 18Dzh. The second depends on the power and can be 4 4,5 thousand beats/min in less powerful and 2 3 000 beats per minute at the more powerful. Typically, there are two modes of drilling and chiseling, but sometimes there is also a combined mode. At low power rotary hammers have the opportunity to speed control, and therefore, you can use it as a screwdriver. But since larger than the size of the hammer drill, it becomes more cumbersome.

    It should be noted that due to the design of the gun, passing one centimeter deep into the concrete wall several times faster than the hammer drill. During operation, it is not recommended to put pressure on the tool, put the mark, press the button and it will do everything himself. In the case of the puncher is very suitable expression « like a hot knife through butter ».

    So what did you choose? Much of this depends on your desires and future works. But, for example, if you are to collect and put in the kitchen at home, and a couple of pictures, then, of course, choose a hammer drill. If you just moved into a new apartment, and will: Stroebe walls, cut the jambs, hollow floor, clearly you need a hammer.

    Also important is also an economic factor, because the more impact drill hammer of the same company by about half. Drills for punch and are more expensive than the hammer drill.

    As for the choice of professional or household tools, the main difference between them is that a professional tool designed for constant severe stress, and home – on the periodic use.

    Okin view the front of forthcoming works, take a look inside his wallet, and go for the tool you need.

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