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    Selfish interests

    Selfish interests

    Grinding machines - their variety and the best models. Varioshlifovateli, deltashlifovateli and vibroshlifovateli Bosch, Makita, Skil, Decker and DeWalt.


    How do you feel about the thorn? The holiday season is just around the corner, and, in our opinion, it is time to find out whether it is possible to resist scratches and splinters, this natural disaster overtakes us during repairs. Smooth < acute angles & gt ;, of course, can and plane. But plane rather necessary to make the board of the desired size, or more or less level the surface. But for the grinding of rough surfaces invented a lot of special tools and machines.


    Here's talk about them. The first thing to determine: There are five kinds of grinding machines . It - varioshlifovateli, deltashlifovateli, vibroshlifovateli, eccentric and tape Sanders. Each system has its own grinding and specific tasks. Although in principle all grinding machines are interchangeable and, if anything, ready to come to the rescue of each other. All kinds, of course, in common use as a working tool ordinary sandpaper, simply put - < & gt ;. skins But what distinguishes them, what has the features of each of these and what is - we will investigate.




    The main task - grinding angles, edges and small surfaces (strips, jumpers, etc.). Perform a fine job and handle the most difficult places special design makes this device. Working tool varioshlifovatelya - sanding belt (that is, ordinary strip < skin >), the ends of which are interconnected in the manner of a conveyor belt.


    The most successful, in our opinion, varioshlifovateli - model the firm < Bosch > (Bosch).

    Selfish interests

    Bosch PVS 300 AE . It is very easy to use 300-watt varioshlifovatel extra grip and control electronics. Quick change sanding belt without an additional tool. Belt speed is adjusted from 180 to 250 complete revolutions per minute. If you try to repeat this feat by hand, moving with the same speed of a conventional < & gt ;, cloth hand just wither and fall off. And PVS 300 AE model weighs only 1.6 kg.


    Professionals < Bosch > offers a model GVS 350 AE. Excellent removes old paint or varnish with window frames and handrails. Suitable for restoration work. Technical specifications and parameters are almost the same as that of the PVS 300 AE, however, powerful - 350 W, which is actually immaterial.




    This group of tools owes its name to the shape of the working plate, which carries the abrasive paper. The plate and in fact resembles the Greek letter < delta >.


    As varioshlifovateli, deltashlifovateli designed mainly for sanding corners and edges. But there is a difference - special nozzles. This can be a wonderful tool to handle all kinds of curvature, squiggles and other bottlenecks. And deltashlifovatel allows you to achieve high accuracy in processing components, which would not do varioshlifovatelem.


    Among the variety of models would like to highlight Black and Decker KA 510 capacity of 180 watts. Its operation is similar to a conventional < manual > sanding: Suppose you have < & gt ;, a skin pressed to the surface to be treated and move - back and forth, back and forth. The only difference is that deltashlifovatel makes it much faster: 14000 < back and forth > in a minute. Abrasive paper is attached to the usual working plate < Velcro & gt ;. It is very convenient: the replacement < skin > it becomes literally a matter of seconds.



    Selfish interests

    Designed to handle flat surfaces of large area. Removal of coatings, rust, dark plaque from shiny surfaces - not a complete list of features of this tool.


    A good model Makita 9036 capacity of 180 watts. Lightweight, comfortable machine amateur class. Designers have worked quite good and thoughtful clips, allowing easy replacement of abrasive paper. The size of the grinding plate - 185 x 93 mm. Speed ​​grinding - 12,000 strokes per minute.


    Professionals can recommend a model DeWalt DW 634. With the power of 300 W and a speed of grinding 10,000 strokes per minute, this machine perfectly handles any flat surface, such as the which is prepared for painting. The size of the grinding plate - 115 x 280 mm. This is not huhry-muhry and professional equipment.


    Random Orbit Sanders


    To begin with mention another kind - orbital sanders. In principle, they are rarely used. But to say a few words necessary to make it clear, how the eccentric Sanders. From the title < orbiting > it follows that a circular < skin > It rotates around its own axis. But experience shows that it is inefficient. It is much more convenient to use eccentric grinder, which, in addition to rotational motions, < skin > also makes vibration. By the way, this sander can be used not only for grinding and polishing of furniture or even cars. Suffice instead of < skin > install a special attachment of soft wool - and the surface gleams like new. In fact, the scope of the eccentric grinder extensive: sanding and polishing wood, metal, plastic, putty and lacquer - on direct and concave surfaces. You can easily handle the edges, for example, some tables or door unit. Random Orbit Sanders are quite popular, and manufacturers offer us quite a wide choice of models. Here are some of them.

    Selfish interests

    Skil 7435. There is a built-in collection of grinding dust (dust is collected in a special bag in the vacuum cleaner). A very useful tool not allow < emery cloth > too fast < hide > and come into disrepair. Sanding sheets - at < Velcro & gt ;. We have already said that this makes it very convenient and trouble-free to replace them. Furthermore, there is variable speed for optimum grinding and polishing the surfaces of various materials. The diameter of the skin - 125 mm.


    Bosch PEX 15 AE . Almost everything is the same as in the previous version. But there is also the control electronics and the additional handle. And handle rearranged - that is another added convenience to work. Power - 420 W, the diameter < skins > - 150 mm.


    Makita BO 5010. Easy convenient machine capacity of 220 watts. A little, but effective. Diameter < skins > - 110 mm.


    DeWalt DW 423 - a model for professionals. Power - 220 W, ergonomic design, plus all of the above < & gt ;. amenities Diameter < skins > - 125 mm.


    Belt Sanders


    Designed for fast grinding of large surfaces. Quite quickly remove the top layer material - wood, plastic, metal, etc.. Tools - sanding belt, as well as in varioshlifovatele. This tool is especially needed professionals - builders and repairmen, although produced and amateurs. Here are some examples.

    Selfish interests

    Bosch PBS 75 AE capacity of 710 watts. In this model, there are control electronics, in addition, for quick change of the sanding belt without tools. Tape speed - 200 - 300 meters per minute, the tape width - 75 mm.


    Skil 1205. all the same dignity, power - 600 watts feeding speed - 130 - 200 meters per minute, belt width - 76 mm.


    We will not continue to list the model - they are practically identical. The only difference is in the power and speed of broach.


    The question is - what do you choose? Personally, I subscribe to the view of most experts: in their professional opinion, the most comfortable and versatile option - the eccentric grinder. Why? First of all, because this grinder can be processed and straight and wavy surface, if desired, is easy to operate at the edge and the edge. The only thing he can not - to grind angles. Specifically, < in > angular surface. But due to the small diameter of < skin & gt ;, as shown, unpolished will be very small, almost imperceptible plot. Finally, we realized that it is absolutely universal grinder does not happen. So it will have to choose from what is.

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