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    Selection of the welding machine

    Metal products are interconnected by means of bolts, rivets, adhesive, forging and other processes. Practice shows that welding is one of the most reliable and durable fastening methods.  
    It is widely used in the industry and in the home through the main advantage - the speed, efficiency and durability.  
    Selection of the welding machine
    Among the various types of welding, melting - one of the leaders took the arc. There is the arc by arc discharge supported source of AC or DC, between the electrode and the base metal. The metal is melted at the edges of the welded portions and mixed with another liquid metal edge forms the weld pool under the influence of applied energy. As a result, the cooling metal crystallizes, forming the weld. The mechanical strength of the connection is ensured arising in the process of particle interatomic bonds welded parts. All operations - ignition, maintaining its length and moving along the seam welder is performed manually.
    Selection of the welding machine
    When choosing a welding machine for domestic use is recommended to restrict ourselves to compact portable models are convenient for use in the apartment or garage.  
    Industry produces a range of equipment for welding of metals using electric current:
    - Welding transformers
    - Installations for arc welding
    - Inverters
    - Machines for the resistance spot welding
    - Welding generators (welders)
    - Welding rectifiers
    - Welding machines.

    Welding generators

    This complex is an internal combustion engine systems, providing its operation, and a powerful generator with its electronic systems and control instruments. If the motor is used as a single or three phase electric motor, this device is called a welding transformer. The main drawback of this unit is its bulkiness and weight, as well as the difficulties of service. This reduces the demand for the use of this type of devices.
    Selection of the welding machine

    Welding transformers

    These devices are the most simple, cheap and common of the entire spectrum of machines used for manual arc welding. Their purpose - to transform and regulate the electric current, the power of the welding arc. The devices provide a current of more than 300A, referred to as a professional transformers, to carry 300A to the semi.  
    You can buy and welding machines on the basis of the welding transformer. Welding in this case is made of special wire is automatically supplied on the sleeve to the welding point. This sleeve also serves as a supply of carbon dioxide than is provided by welding in a gaseous environment. In this technology, a seam is obtained a more even and protected from corrosion. These devices allow a jeweler's precision welding very thin metal. These semi-automatic, have been applied in the repair of cars, provide weld metal to carbon environment, have received the name " kislushki ".
    The simplicity of design, reliability, easy maintenance and low price are positive features of the welding transformer. The disadvantage compared with the welding rectifier is a large size and considerable weight. Application for AC welding a negative impact on the quality of the weld. There are difficulties in retaining the optimum for the arc. This is particularly evident among those working with such devices newcomers.
    Welding rectifier - a source of food, which included transformer and control device, and a block of semiconductor rectifiers. In order to stabilize the characteristics of the device in its kit includes an additional throttle. Since these devices arc stable, without interruption, then it can produce quality welding people without initial welding skills.
    Welders DC provided staffing of additional equipment allows to weld cast iron and non-ferrous metals.
    Promising include inverter welding machines - machines increased frequency. They have a higher power efficiency, reduced size and weight. Provides a smooth and stable arc weld due to good processing properties and a wide range of regulation.  
    Selecting a device made taking into account the following factors:
    - Characteristics of the network, which is supposed to connect the machine
    - Types of metals, welding, which will be carried out using the apparatus
    - The thickness of the base metal
    - The intended duration of the works
    - A weight of the unit is acceptable.

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