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    Selection of painting equipment

    Repair, as well as any type of work, has several stages. And one important step in the cosmetic and major repairs are painting, which performs professional. His work includes painting of building structures, surfaces and different products.
    To paint surfaces there are many different methods and tools. The most convenient and easy to use a paint brush. There are a lot of varieties, each of which performs a specific function.  
    Selection of painting equipment
    - Round brush should be painted doors and windows.
    - Is a flat brush for painting large areas of wood.
    - For painting of walls and ceilings used a brush pobelochnaya.
    - Makhovaia brush is great for coloring a large surface area.  
    - Fleitz or brush-spatula, suitable for handling freshly painted surface.
    - Round brush filenochnye small diameter, made of natural wax, perfectly suited for the finishing of painted surfaces.
    Before you start working with a brush, it is necessary to prepare for work. To faded hairs sticking out that can leave streaks on the painted surface should be over 10-15 minutes to work on a concrete wall with a brush without paint. Then you need to soften the bristles in the water for about an hour and then dry it. Brush well with a wooden frame can not be stored for long periods in the water to prevent damage to the brush.  
    Also paint work can be done with a roller. Its use comfortably on a flat and wide surface. Staining occurs roller crosswise, increasing the pressure on the consumption of paint. The paint is applied in two or three layers.
    Selection of painting equipment
    Apply a thin whitewash and even layer sprays help. Strained paint composition is placed in a jar to run on & frac34; volume. Whitewashing and painting spray is very convenient and easy as it should be easy to keep in the hands of the same distance from the surface, to avoid a glut of paint in certain areas.        
    However, progress does not stand still, and from brushes and rollers are already beginning to give up their little used even for home painting works. To date, the painting equipment is represented by a variety of types of equipment. This pneumatic paint sprayers, and airless spraying, as well as automated powder coating line.
    All equipment is divided into two classes: powder coating equipment and equipment for painting liquid formulations. In the second class there subsections: Apparatuses for the air and airless spray.  
    More traditionally accustomed to using air spray equipment. It is very easy to use and the result is a high quality painted surface. This equipment is perfect for wood processing and furniture production. The home should also have on hand air spray equipment for painting a variety of small surfaces.  
    Scope airless spray equipment is very high. These devices are designed for painting large areas with high productivity. Mainly used in the construction and repair of large industrial facilities, a large engineering and manufacturing of steel structures.  
    Selection of painting equipment
    Airless spray has a great advantage over other methods of staining surfaces. This method is economical and is mobile, but also has high productivity. Only by using airless spray professionals can apply thixotropic and viscous paints. Airless spray paint will professionally and efficiently, and most importantly as soon as possible to perform painting of various sizes.  
    Qualitative coating techniques using powder coating is achieved by adding the basis of polymers. Powder coating line includes different equipment, often very cumbersome. Therefore, such equipment is installed mainly in industrial premises. The line consists of: land for surface preparation prior to painting, drawing and apparatus for recovery of paint, painting chamber, stoved and transport system.  
    Try not to exceed the capabilities of the equipment, as this leads to wear and early failure. When painting should be to choose the right size of the nozzle of the spray gun. Increasing the size of the nozzle leads to an increase in spray angle. When purchasing equipment through packaging, make as hoses, their ability to withstand high pressure and technical possibility for extension.        
    Huge selection of painting equipment allows to solve any issues related to the color of the surfaces of any size and structure.

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