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    Selecting a chainsaw - "toothy" assistant in sawing wood

    Almost every owner of a country house or cottage will need a tool like a chainsaw. It is necessary for sawing wood, preparation of small « chocks » for the fireplace or in the care of the garden, where it is necessary to periodically pruning of dry twigs.

    Choosing a chainsaw for yourself, you first need to determine what goal you are pursuing in operation, with some loads and how often you plan to use it. Only on these parameters, you can choose a reliable assistant and the right ingredients for a saw.

    If you go shopping for a chainsaw to the store, then suspended their types can be divided into 3 types:

    • Home – The main purpose of exploitation in the economic needs when you plan to use a chainsaw no more than 20-25 hours per month. Basically, these saws have a small size, weight and power. By using this type of chain saws in the resort firewood every day, if necessary, sawn timber board or in small domestic affairs;
    • Semi – As a rule, it is a model farmer class can perform almost any operation with the wood from construction and repair works and finishing felling of trees of medium thickness. Quite often, these chain saws used as loppers. But it is necessary to take into account that they are not designed to work over 10 hours a day;
    • Professional – chain saws in this class are able to become a real « partner » logger or firewood, lumber or boards on an industrial scale. The main feature of professional chainsaws that they are able to work 16 hours a day and under a load of 8 hours without a break.

    Selecting a chainsaw -

    Differences chainsaws power and weight

    Whatever the size of a chainsaw, and from whatever company it is not produced, its main indicator is the power and weight. From power will depend on the rate cut, as will be dragged through the chain cut and how deep is able to penetrate the tire saw.

    Power must also be chosen depending on for this operation, for example, for household drinking enough 2 kW and weight of not more than 5 kg. In professional saws, power is calculated in tandem with the weight of the chain saw, so if you need to process the wood for several hours a day, then you need to select a tool from 6 kW with a weight of 10-15 kg, as it will help you weight when cutting large tree trunks or stumps.

    Pick up a chainsaw on the bus

    One of the key components in the chainsaw is its tire. It is a replaceable component of the chainsaw, which can be selected, depending on your actions in the future. Its length influences the depth of cut, and the longer the bus, the large diameter tree stem, it can handle without substantial loads on the saw motor.

    But the length of the bus as   should be coordinated with the engine power and the overall weight of the tool, because if these do not work together, it is necessary to make special efforts physical person, as well as the fastest possible failure of the chain and the motor. When choosing tires for chain saws should be guided by this parameter: the longer the tire, the greater is the resistance to the crankshaft of the engine. Therefore, in the instructions to the chainsaw specifies the maximum bus parameters. And if they do not adhere as well to pick up more than recommended, firstly, to guarantee a chainsaw is removed and the second, reduced blade life by 2-3 times.

    Selecting a chainsaw -

    What you need to know about chainsaw chain

    As you may have guessed, one of the most important components in the cutting chainsaw is its chain. She travels on the bus and its teeth cuts through the wood. One of the main criteria in the selection circuit is a step between its teeth. When choosing a chainsaw in the store you can get lost in the step of the chain, because there parameters are shown with the notation in inches, for example, 0.325, or 0.404 inches. In fact, this is done in order to immediately understand what step in the chain laid between the studs. It should be guided by the recommendation: the smaller the pitch, the less vibration, which means that the tool is best suited for use in a domestic environment.

    For professional chainsaws set a high step between the teeth of the chain: from 0.404 inches, surely, there is increased vibration, but also the performance of the instrument increases significantly. And it is such a chain is used for the daily felling trees or cutting of thick logs.

    There is also a class of circuits, which are used for cutting frozen wood. In the teeth of these saws are special pobeditovye soldering. Conventional circuit with such work can not cope quickly blunted, and the circuit with soldering can work for a long time without sharpening. But at the same time for soft wood to use them impractical due to the high cost and the opposite effect, in softwood circuit with soldering blunts quickly.

    Engine chainsaw

    This is the heart of the instrument, and from his work depends on the quality, speed and safety of sawing wood. The manufacturer installs chainsaws two stroke engine with carburetor fuel injection. There are two integrated tank for chain oil and fuel. Petrol chainsaws for use with a minimum octane rating of 92. Oil used   a special consistency and mix. Each chainsaw manufacturer releases its oil, but there are universal membership.

    Engine chainsaws is designed to work only in a mixture of gasoline and oil, which at the same time lubricates the piston system and increases engine life.

    Selecting a chainsaw -

    Protective accessories for chainsaws

    During operation of the chainsaw you can trap a variety of troubles. The most dangerous time is when there is « kickback », if the end of the tire leans into the wood, then there is a sharp kickback. The surest way to prevent injury by the saw at this moment - a sudden stop chain. In this case, it is best helps special flap, which acts in such a brake. It is a lever near the chainsaw operator's hands, when kickback arm rests on him and stops the chain.

    There is another way to keep the operator's hands from the kickback – use security sector (panel), which closes the ends of the blade and does not allow it to vibrate in contact with the wood. This method is rarely used, but the place to be.

    Anti-vibration system

    When operating a manual chainsaw long time on the hands when a load of a vibration. This in turn has at long exposure can lead to serious illness of hands: joint disease, poor circulation and other health troubles. It is therefore very important that the chainsaw, regardless of its power, present anti-vibration system.

    The main components in the anti-vibration system - is the rubber seals on the handles, shock absorbers between the handle and the housing. However, the manufacturer does not stop and constantly improves the system, accurately calculating the difference between the two masses of the engine block and the rest of the design of the saw. Thus, the fuel tank is located on a well-defined distance from the handles and the motor, to achieve a perfect balance during operation, and thus reduce the load on the hands.

    Running chainsaw – increase the service life

    It's no secret that after the purchase of a chainsaw should be done properly run-in tool. During this process, grinding of metal and plastic elements chainsaw. Running for each type of chain saws is almost the same, and differ only in time of the process.

    Correct break chainsaw occurs in stages. The engine must work with no load time, which is possible on a full tank of fuel. Every 5 minutes is recommended to change the number of revolutions from idle to maximum load. After the initial break-in, you can proceed to the next stage, during which the permitted load on the engine to make up 50% of its capacity, by sawing wood. This step is performed for 10 hours. You can then operate the chainsaw at full capacity in the load recommended by the manufacturer.

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