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    Proper storage of tools

    Proper storage of tools To   Care of the tool does not take a lot of money and effort, you need to store it properly . storage is one of the most important factors in the proper care of the instrument. Care of the tool   It suggests neat storage.

    In favor of right storage tool say three things:

    under wrong storage tool quickly and acquires tupyatsya notches on the cutting edges;

    high risk of injury, searching for the right tool among dumped in a pile of piercing-cutting tool;

    you will spend much less time looking at the neat storage.

    It is advisable to take every tool you need to separate dry and safe place. Valid 3 tool storage method:

    neatly stacked on shelves or in special boxes;

    hanging on the wall;

    stick so that it was convenient tool by pulling the handle.

    It is very convenient for tool storage in wardrobe and wall shelves. By the magnetized strip attached to the wall convenient   attach knives and scissors. Files are placed in the cage size and hung on a wall or placed in boxes. Small Files can be stored in a specially made homemade pockets. Wire and wire just hang on a hook. The film wrap on churbachok or old tires. Make sure that there is no fracture surface.

    In the closet, for example, to store the tool and is convenient to store materials for the job. Wooden sticks, Reiki, & hellip; stored on wooden poles suspended from the ceiling or high boxes.

    The small fasteners and nails store in the tool box, sorted by type and size. Keep an adequate supply of hardware, not to search for the necessary hardware in the store as needed.   For the permissible storage mounted on a stand or hung on the wall of boxes, baskets, boxes, containers of various sizes. Very convenient pull-out drawers with small sections.

    Different stuff conveniently stored in the « Marmeladnitsa », which are composed of transparent bottles, fortified on the board.

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