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    Portable circular saws - Review of models, tips on choosing

    Portable circular saws (conveyers). Review of models, tips on how to choose the disk power saw.

    What can be done with the board? For example, to saw. We measure out all that way just seven marked out, sawing. Sawing, of course, saw, but what? Saws, as we know, there are manual, electric and petrol.

    Portable circular saws - Review of models, tips on choosing

    Let's first look at what has hand saws . In shops and markets of this good enough, and domestic items are not inferior to similar imported. Finally, we learned how to make durable canvas and a more or less comfortable handles that are at work do not rub blisters on your hands. By the way, the price of < our > and imported saws do not differ very much. In one of the following numbers I will talk about in more detail hand saws, but now I want to give a couple of useful tips that first of all you need to know when you buy handsaw .

    First, never buy or hacksaw blade change (especially metal) in China. Sawing them badly, and break well - apparently because of a violation of hardening technology. It - money thrown away.

    Secondly, there are now on sale so-called self-sharpening blade . As explained by the sellers, Saw < at work itself is sharpened by the friction of the material to be treated & gt ;. Therefore, he says, this drink is always sharp. Do not believe it - there are no miracles. It's like your car while driving will not only consume fuel, but also to produce it himself. < Secret > These < a miracle-drink > ridiculously simple: web is made of a harder material than usual, and therefore remain sharp several times longer. But remember: when the saw is still dull, it will be very difficult to sharpen it again - because of the hardness of the material! (By the way, ordinary hacksaw sharpened with a file and Needle easy technologically. Describe the process on paper - a thankless task. In every village there is a craftsman, who will gladly explain it to you < on fingers >.)

    Go ahead. Next on the list - electric saws . There are many models from different manufacturers, which naturally differ in price and quality. It is clear that the main difference between the existing types of power saws - operation, but almost all of them (to some extent) are interchangeable.

    Let us their classification. Power saws, , like everything else in this world, are imported and domestic. Imports are divided into circular (circular), scroll-saw, miter (the principle of operation is the same as that of disk), saber, chain and carpentry elektronozhovki. Domestic share on disk, jigsaws and chain. Other species, at least to me, is unknown.

    Let's start with disk power saws . Cutting tools in them - a metal disc with sharp teeth that rotate at high speed around its own axis. Circular saw is used to perform long, straight cuts. Saw can handle and move relative to the surface being cut, and it is possible to fix the saw frame and moving the processed material itself (for large volumes works best and do).

    Disk saws is very useful for the country construction and repair. For example, a particular case.

    I have one friend - a man < with golden hands & gt ;. He earned very good - < worked hard > from dawn to dusk. A long-awaited vacation spent in the stifling Moscow. Sometimes, of course, chosen at some resort, but:. I do not lay in a human soul to such relaxation. And he decided to build himself a house in the suburbs. I bought a lot, put the carcass, began to build out the veranda. And then - all painfully familiar story: the crisis, job loss, incidental and insignificant income: In general, the frame is made under the terrace, and there is nothing to beat down - there is no < golden > stock.

    And then a miracle happened! I had the opportunity to peasant < privatization > Unedged board in sufficient quantity for studding terraces. Well, it is, of course, this < slab > privatized, and then what? Studs terrace < slab & gt ;? Ugly. Such a structure would be more like a shed, and the need is known, terrace. Here's the handy bought in the best of times < circular saw > (a model - I do not know). In short, the man sawed wood from these normal edged boards - not < super & gt ;, of course, but it is < level & gt ;. The abundance of the terrace, and even a shed there. A friend of mine in his spare time engaged in counting. It turned out that in the end it is completely paid for the value of their saws. This summer, a man quite well < moonlight > through its < & gt ;, conveyers ie net profits. Here's a story.

    But just in case I warn circular saw pretty quickly pays for itself if you are in construction in earnest and for a long time. When performing < piece > Works should buy a saw-class domestic and cheaper, you can b/u.

    Portable circular saws - Review of models, tips on choosing

    Now for the different types of drives for circular saw, . First of all, wheels are carbide tipped and without solders. Discs without solders are generally used to obtain pure and beautiful cuts in soft wood. With solid wood, and even more so with the metal, the drive can not cope. If the sawn board accidentally gets a nail, the disc will be < without teeth & gt ;. It is impossible to resuscitate him: < dentures > for these purposes not released.

    In this sense, much more interesting is the model with a carbide-tipped. This drive is easy to saw comer < on the tooth > nail and calmly continue its (your) work. But there will have to accept the fact that working with such a disk, propyl is not very clean, even slightly < hairy >.

    The shape of the teeth: they are not afraid of the word, the active (positive edge sharpening) and passive (negative edge sharpening). Let me explain: if the tooth is bent as it were in the course of rotation of the disk - it is a positive edge angle; if upstream - negative. Positive angle allows you to cut wood, wood with nails, plastic, etc. Negative angle can cut, for example, tin and copper. Theoretically, such a disk can be cut and the tree, but it turns out very slice < & gt ;: shaggy teeth are not trimmed and torn wood fibers. So before you choose a drive, you should determine which papers you need one? And sellers of prompt concrete model.

    Now on specific models. I am pleased to note that Moscow made circular saws are not inferior to foreign analogues of any design or reliability. 1200W, the disc 200 mm depth of cut - up to 65 mm, is equipped with a protective cover. The price at the beginning of the summer was about 1,300 rubles. Manufacturer - Moscow Radio Engineering Plant. A similar model is available in Perm, price is the same.

    Pro imported models can say that nothing essentially new in recent years has not been invented. But some of the models I'll talk.

    Black & amp; Decker. Model KS 865


    Portable circular saws - Review of models, tips on choosing


    Power consumption 1200W, disc diameter 184 mm, cutting depth 65 mm, 2 speed drive (2700 and 4000 r/min.), complete saw blade with carbide-tipped, and guard. Also, the model is equipped with the rip fence (bottom to more accurately conduct the saw on the board). 2-year warranty. Price about 280 German marks.


    Portable circular saws - Review of models, tips on choosing


    Power saw amateur class. Power consumption 1400 watts. Disc diameter 190 mm, cutting depth up to 66 mm, continuously adjustable speed 1800 - 4100 rev/min., Complete circular saw Carbide disc rip fence. The control electronics provides a constant torque load and soft start for precise cutting. Weight 5.2 kg, 1 year warranty. Price about 290 German marks.

    Makita. Model 5703 R

    1300 W Power consumption, disk diameter 190 mm, cutting depth up to 66 mm, the disc rotation speed of 4800 rev/min. Weight 5.2 kg. Included carbide disc and rip fence. Price about 460 German marks.

    De Walt. Model DW 62


    Portable circular saws - Review of models, tips on choosing


    Industrial electric saw with cutting depth up to 62 mm. Disc diameter 184 mm, power consumption of 1150 watts. The number of revolutions at no load 3800 rev/min. Weight 5.0 kg. 1 year warranty. Price about 325 German marks.

    Bosch. Industrial Model GKS 66 CE


    Portable circular saws - Review of models, tips on choosing


    1600 W Power consumption, disk diameter 190 mm, cutting depth up to 66 mm, smooth speed adjustment from 1800 to 4100 rev/min., control electronics and overload protection. Weight 4.8 kg. 1 year warranty. Price about 600 German marks.

    Skil. Model Skilsaw 5140


    Portable circular saws - Review of models, tips on choosing


    Power consumption 1000 W, cutting depth up to 40 mm. Disc rotation speed of 3500 rev/min, weight of 3.9 kg. 1 year warranty. Price about 150 German marks.

    Atlas Copco. The K 66 SE


    Portable circular saws - Review of models, tips on choosing


    1500 W Power consumption, disk diameter 190 mm, cutting depth up to 66 mm. The control electronics, soft start. Disc rotation speed from 2000 to 5000 rev/min. Included - carbide disk and the key to his shift. Weight 5.7 kg. 1 year warranty. Price about 680 German marks.

    Milwaukee. Model 6365-2


    Portable circular saws - Review of models, tips on choosing


    Power consumption 1450 watts. Disc diameter 184 mm, cutting depth up to 84 mm. The speed of rotation of the disk 5800 rev/min. Weight 3.2 kg. 1 year warranty. Price about 450 German marks.

    Portable circular saws - Review of models, tips on choosing


    More about the models. Here, I brought the most interesting of them, but that does not mean that they can be seen in all stores and construction markets. There are usually sold copies simpler and cheaper. But with these easy-cheap power tools, we decided to put a kind of experience, or, as it is now fashionable to say - had a < & gt ;. ratings of The essence of the process is this: we have two models of each of these manufacturers (those that can be purchased in the market), equipped them with exactly the same saw blades (domestic production), dragged to the editor several identical spruce boards length 6 meters and a thickness of 50 mm. And then we chose the < a group of friends > among the editorial staff (including the lovely ladies) and offered them one by one along the sawn board using the available-saws. Then, each model was evaluated on a five-point system and placed GPA. Here are the results of this test.

    • Black & amp; Decker. In general, the impression is good, although there are some disadvantages, especially marked by the weak half of the editorial staff: not very convenient handle (for someone with a small hand - not comfortable), a sufficiently high level of vibration - it is difficult to keep the saw exactly on the line cut. Result - 3.75 points.
    • Bosch. Power saws, amateur class considered more convenient for holding in your hands, rather than the glorious representatives of professional saws. The noise level is slightly higher than the Black & amp; Decker, but the vibration is low. Result (jointly amateur/professional class) - 4 points.
    • Makita. very good impression. The team decided that the only drawback - quite a high price for this model. Result - 3.75 points.
    • DeWalt. This model is like, perhaps, more than any other, a good design and a pen handy. Noise and vibration levels low, the model is suitable for a comfortable extended use. Price for a power tool in its class - is acceptable. The only drawback, marked by our ladies - yellow body color. Say, fast stained and will be ugly. But, on the other hand, tools such bright colors clearly visible in the grass - not lose. The result - 4.5 points.
    • Skil. There are very different opinions. On the one hand, very similar amateur model Bosch company, but too < clumsy > treatment of housing, on the other - is an acceptable price. The result - 3.5 points.
    • Milwaukee. It is a rare visitor to Moscow markets. I got this instance, the assurance of the seller, quite by accident. The impression is good, but the price is unreasonably high. What we overpay - it is not clear? But in general - quite comfortable in the electric saw. Result - 3.75 points.
    • Power saw the production of the Moscow Radio Engineering Plant (MRTZ) for the price a very good impression. Of course, there are certain shortcomings (who does not?), But for the money they are negligible. Result - 4.25 points.
    • Atlas Copco. models from this manufacturer or in markets or in stores I have not found. However, in representation of the company, I was told that I was looking bad, but agreed that the emergence of the brand in the retail trade - a phenomenon often. Therefore, we have not been able to experience the power saw, but in the future certainly will test and tell.

    Speaking of circular saws want to emphasize: each model is designed for the use of one particular disc diameter. Larger diameter disc, you will not be able to establish and drive the smaller size is not allowed for safety reasons: in this case between the disk and the protective cover a gap, which can accidentally get a finger. Given the speed of rotation - without finger stay immediately.

    It is equally useful in the economy may be jigsaws saws and saber elektronozhovki, and chain saw can be useful, but more on that another time.

    disk models (circular) saws and noteworthy







    Power, W


    Saw blade diameter mm


    The depth of cut in wood, mm


    The speed of rotation, rev/min.




    Warranty period


    Price it. brand


    Domestic Class


    Black & amp; Decker


    KS 865








    2 constants:
    2700 4000




    2 years






    PKS 66 CE








    1800 - 4100




    1 year






    5703 R












    1 year






    Skilsaw 5140












    1 year




    Industrial Grade




    DW 62












    1 year






    GKS 66 CE








    1800 - 4100




    1 year





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