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    Paint tools

    Paint tools There is a wide range of < strong> paint tools to paint on different surfaces in interior decoration. In order to correctly choose the tool to work, follow the advice of the professionals.

    Universal roller of good quality with a freely rotating roller, it quickly returns to its original shape after compression, it has a great advantage – comfortable handle with screw extension. Extension is simply irreplaceable during paint work floor or ceiling. Spreading the handle is particularly useful.

    When the quality of the highest standard in the decoration is not required, you can buy an inexpensive foam roller. For a good finish is very smooth surfaces suitable mohair roller with a short pile and a long nap roller to paint over all the recesses heavily textured surfaces. For painting rough surfaces use a clip from hard nylon fabric with long pile.

    Roller with a relief pattern will turn a smooth surface texture without much hassle. So roll easily add effects: burlap, bark, curls, quilt, engraving and many others. some rollers can be used as a kind of a cliche for applying a repeating pattern. It is only necessary to do the parallel passages roller.

    When painting works in interior decoration always remember the golden rule: use the widest brush, which allows you to apply the surface. 100 mm brush is suitable for painting of walls with latex paint. 75 mm best suited for the application of enamel paint on a smooth wooden surface. The wider the brush, the paint will cover the surface to help paint the boundary of the surface to dry completely.

    If high quality is not essential, it is possible to use a cheap brush. This, for example, painting the pantry or closet. It can be used for the first coats and primary color, then by the time she was finishing will not lose hair and spoil the look of the painted surface.

    Modern synthetic bristle brushes are not inferior as a result of the brush made of natural bristles. But they have one great quality – they are much less prone to falling out of hair. They are easier to wash after using and they retain their shape better.

    If you need to paint the smooth surface, it is best to use a sponge to paint, leaving no drops. Modern paints are easily removed with paint sponges with white spirit and water.

    Exposure to the interior decoration can be produced using the spray gun. The work you will be faster than hand tools. But there is one thing: you have to protect all the surrounding surfaces from paint hit.

    It is better to use a gun, where the paint is pumped by electricity rather than compressed air. In this case it does not happen over-spray.

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