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    Laser ranging Leica DISTO A8 - reliability and ease of measurement

    Laser ranging Leica DISTO A8 - reliability and ease of measurement             

    Geodetic instruments are indispensable in modern construction. Their range is constantly growing, expanding their opportunities. Laser ranging Leica DISTO A8 - reliability and ease of measurement Leica DISTO A8 - a new development in the market of surveying instruments.


    Leica DISTO A8 is an advanced extension of the model range laser rangefinders (model Leica DISTO A5). The new device compares favorably with the prototype and is unique among professional laser tape measures from other manufacturers.


    The device takes measurements in the range from 5 cm to 200 m with an accuracy of & plusmn; 1,5 mm. Performing all three measurements (length, width, height), the user knows the area, volume and perimeter of the premises, as well as the area of ​​the walls and floor. The measurement result is displayed on the 4-line display with backlight. In memory of the device, you can add 30 measurements or calculations that helps the user to avoid mistakes and to use the results in the future.

                Laser ranging Leica DISTO A8 - reliability and ease of measurement             

    The power supply uses two batteries (type AA, 1.5 V). One set of batteries designed for 5000 measurements. Device weight 280 grams. Hinged bracket with automatic change of starting point simplifies the process of measuring the distance from the corner of a room or other remote locations. Technology Power Range Technology & trade; allows measurements of distances up to 100 meters without the use of plates for positioning the laser beam.


    The manufacturer is not forgotten and the issue of security. The instrument used a laser source according to the second class, which can not harm a person. Intuitive keyboard provides access to measurements for the user with any technical training. The built-in " Pythagorean theorem " - An indispensable tool in determining the size of an inaccessible object.

                Laser ranging Leica DISTO A8 - reliability and ease of measurement             

    Ergonomic, with non-slip inserts and membrane keypad housing is mounted on a tripod or a geodesic tripod with adapter. The inner housing unit is made of magnesium and allows to use the device in a wide temperature range without compromising the measurement accuracy. According to international standard IEC device has protection class IP54 (protected against dust and water spray).


    revolutionary innovations Leica DISTO A8 is a digital viewfinder and tilt sensor. Digital viewfinder with a threefold increase significantly simplifies the process of measuring the distance of the object at high or low light. The tilt sensor significantly extends the capabilities of the device and its field of application, providing a measurement bias, determine the horizontal plane, and greatly simplifying the work at the inaccessibility of the object (for example, the height of the house you can learn by doing only one measurement).



    Specifications laser range finder Leica DISTO A8

    The accuracy of measurement & plusmn; 1,5 mm
    Range 0,05-200 m
    Laser type 635 nm, < 1 mW
    Power Range Technology & trade; (signal amplification technology) Yes
    Computing functions Addition, subtraction, area, volume, perimeter
    Function " Pythagorean theorem " Yes
    PC Communication No
    The number of measurements stored in memory 30
    Displays the measurements on the display 5
    Finder Three-digital
    Built level Yes
    Multi-bracket Yes
    Dust/Water IP 54
    Power 2 batteries (AA type)
    Size mm 148 x 64 x 36
    Weight g 280
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