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    Independent test roulette

    At the heart of this work - an independent test measuring roulette The length and width of the web. Most running today roulette - " short ". The length of the web - from 2 to 10 m, and the width - from 12.5 to 25 mm. Both figures determined by the tasks for which the unit acquire. The building supermarkets Kiev (Epicenter, New Line, etc.) appear as roulette addition to the purchase, and you can see as the " gently " the store offers them at every step, forcing to make an impulsive rather than conscious choice.

    stream. It should be noted immediately that the majority of roulette " stamped " one " great " Chinese factory, conclusion - many roulette cloth (that there have not been contacted manufacturers) - the same! But there are made from various grades of steel, so the two units at the same parameters of roulette may differ fabric stiffness and resistance to kinking. Namely these properties determine on any length of tape stretched without breaking.

    The scale of measurement. In Ukraine, more than any common metric SI system, is also worth to note about the design of the application numbers. Very comfortable with Roulette appeared in large numbers, but still we were surprised by the scale of the application of two-way, which is very handy when measuring the vertical objects.

    The accuracy of the measurements. determines the deviation of the readings from the standard and meets certain standards. For example, the accuracy class II - the most common for roulette - indications with a length of 1 m should have absolute error of not more than 0.5 mm, and at 10 m - not more than 2.3 mm. There is also an additional allowance for the accuracy of the hook (0.2 mm).

    Protection markup. , depending on whether the coating composition layout canvas and on what basis it is applied varies considerably the life of roulette.

    Hook. Most modern roulette have a hook type True Zero. The movable fixing on the canvas compensates for the thickness of the hook, providing a real Zero and external and internal dimensions.

    The hole in the center of the hook allows you to use a nail or screw as the axis for marking circle or arc, and a recess in the end it is often convenient to carry out parallel lines (for example, to while driving can be place the pencil lead). Specify that the hook is the weakest point in modern roulette, and making a choice - pay attention to the number of rivets holding the hook.

    Material housing. Plastic, metal or rubberized casing defines the conditions of operation of the model. Sometimes it is important compact, sometimes - shock resistance.

    Fixing tapes. Most often this slide mechanism, although there are others. Some manufacturers, in addition to the retainer is mounted on the key instruments " pause " - This detail is never superfluous. But the young and qualitative TM went on, they set on both sides of the key, which ultimately increases the comfort of work and logically deserves praise from us.

    Other features. They are already specific. For example, there are electronic roulette with multiple functions, and roulette with a ring instead of a hook on the end of the cloth. Also, the tape device can be made of cloth, and not metal, and have a curved shape.


    Given these features, for testing were chosen the most popular roulette with the web 5 m (5,5 Kraftool) and a width of 19 mm. To create equal conditions preference " screwed " Model makers rather than " advanced ", so that it is not necessary for the test results to judge individual product brand as a whole.

    Test 1.1.
    We evaluated the maximum length of the elongate web to break it (the tape of the testimony on the mark, with a hook located at the same height from land). Many sellers believe that the dominant factor in the verification of the quality of fabric, but it's not. Roulette types Kraftool, Stanley, LEGIONER have more than two or three layers of protection, it is logical to increase the weight of the fabric and contributes to a more " early " fracture.

    Test 1.2.
    For the web, extended to a certain length (100, 140 and 165 cm), defined as the largest of its deflection (vertical) away from the horizontal connecting hook and tape, to " hump " web.

    Test 2.
    We tested the resistance of the web to the abrasion (abrasion). By applying the same little effort made by each web successive passes with sandpaper (grain №80). The process stops when the web is completely deprived of coverage markup. The following tests will be made no resistance to sandpaper, and a (more realistic conditions) sand.

    Test 3.
    elementary drop-test (from the English. drop - throwing). All roulette " dropped " a concrete block from a height of 1.5 m, thus giving them a rotational movement. The height of the chosen assumptions about the average size of ladders and twist was made to create a casual environment: kick and punch lock rubber body are different danger to the safety of the device. After five shots outcome was considered a " test passed ", if the tape has not lost performance and has not lost the presentation and as " test failed " - In all other cases. Subjected to this test all instruments except electronic roulette Bosch, as it was obviously clear that the electronics will not stand such treatment.

    Bosch DMB 5 plus
    Price - 41 $
    electronic measuring tape

    Independent test roulette

    Accuracy class: II.

    LEAF DIMENSIONS: length - 5 m; width - 19 mm.
    FEATURES: LCD display; function " add length roulette ", " hold readings ", " challenge the content of the memory ", " the addition of readings in memory ", " clear memory "; True Zero hook with a slit for the radii and the reinforcing plate on the outer side of the belt; grade AA batteries. Dimensions (WxHxD): 95h75h33 mm (without clip). Weight (with battery): 235 g

    Bosch's widely known as a manufacturer of professional and consumer electrical and pneumatic tools for repair and construction. It produces and measuring equipment, which in our tests are unusual - e - a tape measure.


    The holes on the canvas read photocell located within the housing, and the resulting values ​​are displayed on the LCD with an accuracy of one millimeter. By the way, turning off electronics (key " on/off "), the roulette table can be used as a mechanical, good tape is no different from the usual - marking is present.

    The entire electronic accessories is quite simple and straightforward to use. The feature set is small, but in some cases they are very rescue. For example, if the readings for one reason or another is difficult to see, they are " fix " on the screen (by pressing " hold readings ") and browsing later winded fabric. Summarizing the results, can preset distance to 1000 meters.

    The principle of fixing differs from that at the mechanical roulette. The tape is pulled free or automatically wound in the body only if the key is pressed, when released - also recovered, but with a little more effort. For the electronic device is better suited.

    It is powered by a " finger-type " AA batteries and low battery signals this to the screen. There appear reports of two possible errors: " out of memory " and " including roulette when stretched tape ".

    The rigidity of the web due to the presence of holes in it significantly reduced (compared to mechanical roulette), but the comfort of the work does not suffer. Tests for abrasion resistance have not given good results, and drop-test device for obvious reasons Bosch was not carried out.

    SUMMARY: electronic roulette with a small set of features designed for professional use. The cumbersome body, use a tape measure quite uncomfortable.

    Kraftool 34125-05
    Price - 10.7 $
    Mechanical Roulette

    Independent test roulette

    LEAF DIMENSIONS: Length - 5.5 m; width - 19 mm.
    FEATURES: mark the length of the body; key " pause "; True Zero hook with a slot for the radii and the reinforcement plate on the outside of the tape +5 rivets; collapsible body design.
    (without clips). Weight: 160 g.

    The results of the independent Ukrainian experts of tests of individual titles range of the brand confirmed that KRAFTOOL is a high quality tool that is perfectly suited for use in various (including extreme ) climatic conditions of our country.


    Case roulette is not distinctive convenience. Quality advantages fabric - polyester coating thermally Assigned paint and high-carbon steel, which increases the wear resistance of the web 20 times. Also, the fabric bends by 90 degrees without fracture and no glare light at any angle. Characteristics differ significantly better than the competition - two-way scale for measuring high buildings, walls, ceilings. Beautiful markings paintings, large numbers match.
    !!! The possibility of replacing the web !!!

    The web model was the best in comfort and operation showed good resistance to abrasion.

    SUMMARY: roulette for truly professional work, but are easy to design. Multifunctional.

    Kraftool 34122-03-19
    price - 2.95 $
    Mechanical Roulette

    Independent test roulette

    LEAF DIMENSIONS: length - 5 m; width - 19 mm.
    FEATURES: mark the length of the body; key " pause "; True Zero hook with a slit for the radii and the reinforcing plate on the outer side of the belt; collapsible body design.
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 82h69h38 mm (without clip). Weight: 180 g.

    The assortment KRAFTOOL includes several hundred names of screwdrivers, bits, carpentry, plumbing, measuring, likes, painting tools and other products. This diversity allows the use of the hand tool industry and mechanical engineering, metalworking and electronics, telecommunications and construction, forestry, horticulture and many other sectors.


    Case roulette repeats the geometry of the palm - a device like " poured " hand. The main advantage - nylon coating, which increases fabric wear resistance 10 times. Also, the fabric bends by 90 degrees without fracture. There is a slot for drawing circles. Characteristics different from competitors - A special groove on the tongue to measure the length of the wires.

    The web model proved to be one of the most resistant to bending and has shown good resistance to abrasion.

    SUMMARY: Roulette for professional work, characterized the original design. Roulette is very easy to use, well it withstands shocks.

    Toreh Roulette with lock 5m/19mm " Shiftlock " metal strip 27C305
    price - 1.55 $
    Mechanical Roulette

    Independent test roulette

    Accuracy class: II.

    LEAF DIMENSIONS: length - 5 m; width - 19 mm.
    FEATURES: mark the length of the body; fixing a strap on the wrist; Hook True Zero; collapsible body design.
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 67h65h30 mm (without clip). Weight: 170 g


    The test showed that for extreme conditions better to buy special devices, and not the products Toreh. Although the passage of a drop test of visible external changes are not detected, the autopsy showed housing demolition at the site of one of the three mounting screws. So each next fall could be the last.

    But with more " quiet " the tape is very convenient. Weight and dimensions of her small, but the profile of the web is hard enough. In his hand is the instrument " like a glove ", the lock is in place (just below the finger), and stops the tape unreliable.

    The coating fabric was not the most durable.

    SUMMARY: tape measure, designed more for homework than for extreme conditions

    Roulette with lock 5m x 19mm " EXTRA " MT-0305
    price - 0,80 $
    Mechanical Roulette

    Independent test roulette

    Accuracy class: II.

    LEAF DIMENSIONS: length - 5 m; width - 19 mm.
    Features: housing without rubber components; mark the length of the body; True Zero hook with slot for radii; not collapsible body design.
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 75h73h30 mm (without clip). Weight: 220


    Testing confirmed the poor performance of the product. Cloth quite tough, but can not withstand abrasion.
    During the drop test tape fell on the hook, pognuv it, so we had to use pliers to bring the item in original condition.
    Well-designed housing options - the device fits comfortably in your hand.

    SUMMARY: Roulette convenient for amateur use. The values ​​applied to the canvas in large numbers, so the device like people with poor eyesight.

    Roulette LEGIONER 3-34040-05
    price - 0.83 $
    Mechanical Roulette

    Independent test roulette

    Accuracy class: II.

    LEAF DIMENSIONS: length - 5 m; width - 19 mm.
    Features: body - plastic, steel band; strap on your wrist; Hook True Zero ;.
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 65h67h29 mm. Weight: 140 g
    hand tools under the brand LEGIONER appeared in the domestic market in 2004. The basis of the design of the brand has laid down the desire of engineers to create such a household tool that would be as close to a professional on the characteristics and quality of performance. Evidence of successful implementation of this plan is the fact that a relatively young brand has now become recognizable and popular par with the most famous brands of the world's leading manufacturers. To a large extent, this is also a constant and rapid increase in the product range.

    test results.

    First of all, we were surprised vitality web. As resistance to abrasion, roulette has bypassed many of the more expensive counterparts.

    distinguishes this from other roulette and ergonomic design. In the hand Roulette " ", joins the body is made of a material that does not slip in hand. Also, a distinctive feature of roulette, two the " pause ". Work in this tool very nice. The numbers are large, clearly marked on a white background, low glare factor.























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