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    How to select power tools

    The need to select power tools

    Everyone in life has ever used power tools, whether an amateur or professional purposes. The main reason for this fact – repair, construction of apartments or houses. Moreover, power tools can help with both cosmetic purposes, as well as global. Select the tool you need on the basis of its scope. For all power tools can be initially divided into amateur and professional. The price for the first category is typically less than one hundred dollars per unit. You can find quite a decent technique for just five hundred rubles. As for the professional equipment, the power tools of this type consumes much more energy (more than 380 volt voltage), behave differently in the process, and, in general, are not suitable for everyone. Their price starts from 100 – $ 200 depending on the type and scope.

    Classification Applied Power

    By type of food all the power tools can be AC ​​and battery. Basically, a technique that is needed to work at home, has a small battery. Professional equipment is charged only on the network. This naturally uncomfortable in the field or in the open air away from civilization, but its demands are so great that no one battery did not survive for at least an hour.

    Power can be divided into two types: with extra equipment and without them. The fact is that professional equipment generally has reversible characteristics and runs in both directions: both clockwise and back. First of all, this feature gives you a chance to produce a self-cleaning technique. Otherwise, any drill or screwdriver can become clogged, leading to undesirable consequences.

    Prefer whether basic or complete package?

    Useful settings is a smooth descent from the tool. In this situation, you can send it to a gradual start-up, which saves energy, has a chance to warm up mechanism, warns him from power failures. Inrush current limiter – excellent invention that is available and amateur machines. It does not allow the device to jump into the hands of a master, reduces its impact. Final suture goes smoother. Additional settings sometimes carry dust extraction system, which allows you to produce clean after the execution of works. Also, certain types of power tools are connected to them Petrol . Those final effort to save considerably. Too multifunction instrument purchase is not necessary. You run the risk of him not to lift, not to mention to you to work with him.

    Focus on the ultimate goal of

    Select the tool, based on the objectives of its future use. For example, drill – is the perfect choice when it comes to wood, plastics, light metals. But for more than bricks and heavy alloy is better to get puncher. It is usually designed for 600 – 1000 W has a large weight, works smoothly in heavy sections. It is important to note that the punch will perform a lot of applications: to remove from the wall tiles, old plaster, dense water-resistant wallpaper.

    Extended classification

    Currently, the classification of power tools can be extended. Proceeding from it, power can be conveying, professional, semi-professional, amateur, industrial. Conveyor – this is the most complex equipment power tools. They are so technologically precise and narrowly specialized that it is not always affordable for even the large industrial centers. Industrial power tools are designed to work in harsh conditions. They are ideal for work around if there is dust, dirt, moisture. Professional approach to the masters of their craft and small enterprises. Semi Equipment – this is a wonderful option for those who are familiar with power tools, but prefers to solve their tasks using only private. Amateur technique is suitable for those who hold in their hands the instrument for the first time in my life. It has a high degree of protection. Therefore injury in using such a tool is practically impossible. Amateur universal power tools. However, they have low maintainability. This technique is quite demanding on the conditions of its application. It can not be used if the surrounding dust, dirt and moisture. Amateur tool provides a relatively small return, it is easy to hold in their hands.

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