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    How to prolong the life of you and your electrical appliances

    Remember how many times you have at home blinking light or completely turned off? Usually it takes a while off – 6 or 7 seconds needed to trigger an automatic transfer switch (AB) at the substation, or a few minutes to throw electrician hand power rail. Suffer from this, not only our nerves due to an unsaved document or nedosmotrennogo series, but all appliances, except, perhaps, my grandmother iron. Primarily, this is due to power surges.

    The solution was found in the use of electronic voltage regulators — instruments that at any voltage instability at the entrance give a smooth sine wave voltage of 220 V, 50 Hz outlet. Deviation from the most common models – not more than 5%. For example, stabilizers Lider, able to maintain the accuracy of the voltage regulation from 0.5% to 4.5% both in-phase and three-phase network. Moreover, in the case of three-phase power unit is assembled on the basis of the three-phase stabilizers.

    Along with the above instruments are used, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), which in normal mode feed electric consumers from the network, converting the voltage in case of a power outage — automatically transferred power to the batteries. In addition to protecting against overloads, such a device makes it possible to maintain the supply for the most important appliances in the building. The cottage it can be security and fire system, computer, minimal emergency lighting. Almost always, the UPS is installed in industrial or commercial buildings to maintain continuous operation or production data centers (server, control rooms).

    In a small organization instead of one general bespereboynik buy small compact computers. The downside of the first option is the need for special facilities for storage sections and the need for periodic maintenance. UPS Office is inexpensive, require no maintenance and easy zamenyaemy.IBP and electronic stabilizers are the best solution for those who want to protect themselves from electrical damage, loss of important information or the occurrence of PE-related surges. Many models can carry out energy-saving features that significantly affects the very electricity bills.

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