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    How to choose and buy a screwdriver

    How to choose and buy a screwdriver Screwdriver is   one of the most popular building tools in every home. It is necessary not only to carry out major repairs and construction, but also in different everyday situations that arise in our lives. For example, to assemble the cabinet is impossible without a screwdriver. And once there is a reasonable question: how to choose a screwdriver ? Today the product range is quite wide, but it is difficult to pick up on their own   your perfect tool. Therefore it is better to use the services of professionals and our recommendations. When choosing a screwdriver, first of all, attention is drawn to the specifications.


    It is considered important parameters of torque and speed. To use the screwdriver in the home is enough to get a tool which has a maximum torque of 10-15 Nm. It will easily   tighten the screws. For example, electric screwdriver Interskol provides a torque of 10 Nm, which allows you to deal with wood, plasterboard, and even thin metals. Screwdrivers, different   high torque, are universal, as it allows to carry out drilling and functions of different solid materials.   As a professional tool, this figure can reach up to 130 Nm.

    Speed ​​

    Most often the choice of speed is associated with the degree of complexity of the task. For example, to tighten the screws enough conventional low speed —   to five hundred revolutions per minute. For drilling required speed   at least one hundred thousand rpm. Very high frequency is required only in exceptional cases.


    Reducer in the tool provides a rotation of the working shaft with the required angular velocity. For home use when screwing the screws sufficiently five hundred revolutions per minute and drilling — fifteen hundred revolutions per minute. Normally, cordless screwdrivers are equipped with plastic planetary reduction gears, satellites.


    Suffice useful feature is considered to be the ability to perform a variable speed motor. Almost all modern models are equipped with this feature. It   needed at the initial stage of drilling, because the slow rotation of the drill helps you accurately position the hole.


    Another useful feature is the reverse or reverse. It helps to unscrew the screw is tight, and   freeing stuck drill bit.


    Professional tools designed for continuous operation, it must withstand a high load. Concerning? it is made from stronger, expensive materials and equipped with a powerful battery. Typically professional models require a voltage of 18 volts or higher. For example, screwdriver makita — This high quality product for professional use that is different impeccable quality and high reliability. The high quality of this instrument is also supported by an international guarantee.

    Household screwdrivers

    Domestic models are much cheaper, and the quality of their performance is enough to periodically perform household tasks arising. In these models, the most commonly used voltage to 14.4 volts.   Household screwdriver copes with almost all tasks. One of the major differences between the professional model of the household is the time of its continuous operation without recharging of the battery.

    Cordless shurupverty  

    Today, the most popular are battery NiMH. All Europe switches to battery of this type of environmental concerns, as nickel-cadmium batteries contain strong allergen — cadmium and some toxic materials. Drills accumulator Nickel-cadmium is subject to up to one thousand of chargers that twice batteries NiMH. Modern   models support two types of batteries, so it is on this fact to pay attention when buying. NiMH batteries are characterized by smaller dimensions, but worse withstand high current. They   They are more sensitive to the effects of freezing temperatures. Another important characteristic of — the battery is charging. Professional screwdriver makita charging for sixty minutes, and   Domestic models from three to seven hours.

    Our offer

    Buy screwdrivers professional and consumer can in our online store tools. And if you have not decided what you need, then we you can get professional advice on your questions.

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