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    How to choose a lawn mower

    How to choose a lawn mower Any owner of a private house knows that the lawn needs constant care and regular haircuts. In this important role played by machinery used. Today, the market garden tools provides a huge selection of lawn mowers.   How to understand this diversity and to how to choose a lawn mower the right model? This requires consideration of a number of important factors. Apart mower different view of the movement, a way of nutrition and working conditions.


    Depending on the type of fuel mowers are   gasoline and electric. In this case, it takes into account when choosing a lawn area and its topography. For good measure and a small area of ​​suitable low-power wheeled electric lawn mowers or electric trimmer. Large areas with uneven terrain better handle gasoline mowers. For areas up to six hundred best solution would be the acquisition of electric spit. On average and smooth areas well buy wheeled electric or petrol mowers .

    Lawn mowers

    Unlike electric lawnmowers, gasoline is independent of the power supply. This allows you to use it on large areas. Also, more powerful petrol mowers, they are characterized by high quality of mowing and the presence of a large amount of grass catcher. The main disadvantages of this type of equipment is the difficulty in operation, toxic fumes, noise at work   and relatively heavy weight.

    Electric mowers

    The main advantages of the electric mechanism may include: low noise, easy maintenance and environmental friendliness. However, electric lawn mowers is very dependent on the source of   Power, they are thin and dangerous.

    Hand   lawn mowers

    By type of movement mowers are divided into trimmers, mechanical and machine. The simplest and most inexpensive option is mechanical mowers, because they have no engine. Hand mower is capable of cutting only flat areas are well manicured lawns, where there are no plants with hard stems. In such arrangements the device is very simple. They are equipped with a long fixed blade located at the bottom of the machine, the cutting drum with curved blunt knives, a pair of wheels and gears. They   work through the power of man, easy to operate and have a relatively light weight, economical in operation and are absolutely safe.

    Self-propelled lawn mowers

    Buy self-propelled lawnmower can be electric or gasoline engine. Such models   They represent a trolley mounted on castors. In the upper part of the engine is mounted, and at the bottom of   — a knife, which is protected by a casing. These mowers are used on large areas, however, they are very noisy. Electrical   mowers have a capacity of up to two thousand watts. They can work on the   batteries   and standard-voltage network. Lawn mowers, self-propelled is much more powerful, they are comfortable enough to handle large areas. Their main advantage is mobility, but they emit exhaust gases and are heavy enough.


    In a very inconvenient places for mowing grass trimmers are the perfect option. However, for lawn care, they do not fit, because to maintain the required cutting height trimmer is physically impossible. But they are indispensable for mowing grass on lawns. There are electric trimmers and gasoline. Gasoline Trimmer is a very powerful tool and mobile. But it is heavy, noisy operation and constantly vibrates. Electric trimmers are lighter and more quiet. They started by pressing a button, and it does not pollute the environment.


    Lawn Mowers price of which varies depending on the company's brand, model, engine power, selected according to the area of ​​the lawn.   If you have a small lawn, you should not pay more, acquiring a powerful mower. At its price also affects the amount of grass catcher.

    Lawn mowers can be equipped with additional functions, which is also reflected in the price. Most of the petrol models have a manual start of the engine. You can buy a lawn mower equipped with a starting battery, but it will have to pay extra. In some models of lawnmower blades mounted a special form that can grind grass clippings.

    The most expensive lawn mowers tractors are used for grass cutting. They are used on the football field, on the courts and golf courses.  
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