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    How to choose a jigsaw?

    If you choose to fill up your set of « DIY » this useful tool jigsaw, this article is for you. Jigsaw is indispensable for repair work, it is used for cutting a variety of materials: soft and rough wood, plywood, laminate, plastic, plasterboard, sandwich panels, sheet metal sheets, aluminum and others.

    In fact, jigsaw – a versatile saw for sheet material thing – choose the right saw blade. The principle of operation of the unit simple: a cutter blade motion causes the pendulum mechanism and a motor, at special jaws or support rollers of the reciprocation motion. To the blade is not shifted, jigsaw is equipped with a support or sole plate – then the edge of the saw cut turns neat and smooth.

    Benefits jigsaw:

    • Save time : sawing jigsaw building material requires far less energy than analogue manual;
    • Versatility : the manufacturer often specifies a list of materials with which to work one way or another unit;
    • Reliability : to break a jigsaw blade hand quite easily, nail files jigsaw are more durable;
    • Convenience : The store offers a wide range of this instrument, so you can choose the model that will ideally be in hand.  

    Criteria for selection of jigsaw

    1. Type jigsaw. There are two types Jigsaw: hand-held and desktop. The first type is more common tool used mainly for simple cuts. Harvesting is well secured and jigsaw need to freely move across its surface. For the « Jewelry » works the table jig – they can be used to perform a variety of patterns, making cuts of any shape. They are often set in the workshop, since the tool differs impressive dimensions, however, and precision cutting significantly different. Moves in this case the harvesting, and the tool is secured in position.

    Manual jigsaw

    How to choose a jigsaw?

    Table jigsaw

    How to choose a jigsaw?

    2. Household or professional? If a tool is needed only for the home of rare works, better to give preference to domestic conventional units. Pay attention to the power unit: it depends on it's ability to cut thick sheets without reloading. Household Jigsaw different power 250-500 W, with professional models, this figure more than 700 watts. Of course, the weight of the tool will be more professional. The average household can jig sawing wood to 7 mm, Steel – to 5 mm. Professional – steel up to 10 mm, aluminum – up to 20 mm, wood – up to 15 mm.

    3. The frequency of the sawing and cutting depth. This option shows the frequency of stroke speed of the saw polotka minute. It can be changed by using the locking button: the higher the frequency of stroke, the greater the performance. The maximum rate – to 3400 strokes per minute. The maximum possible depth of cut also shows the power tool for each material its importance, it is often stated by the manufacturer on the package.

    4. The weight of the unit. in the bulk jigsaw varies from 2 to 3.5 kg. Professional models will weigh more because of the extra battery. Light model (up to 2.2 kg) are less performance, but on the weight of their work much easier. Heavy devices (more than 2.2 kg) running on battery power, so they are difficult to keep in hand.

    5. Handle electric jigsaw. There are three main forms of handles: skobovidnaya – it allows you to hold the unit with one hand. Mushroom – used for shape cutting, keep both hands jigsaw. Hybrid – very rare form, adapted for normal cutting, and for curly. Select the type of pen depends entirely on personal preference wizard.

    6. Sole. can be pressed and molded. Stamped more light and thin, it is mainly equipped with a low-cost model. Moulded soles more rigid and less prone to deformation, it is a tool with a sole expensive. Also desired tilt sole control – using it more convenient to carry out slanting cuts. Catches angle regulated at 15, 30, 45 degrees.

    7. Pilkey. Consumables, whose quality is also important. First of all, pay attention to the labeling, it is universal: HM – Carbide, BIM – bimetal, HSS – hardened steel, HCS – carbon steel. The form of the blade can also be different if you buy a unit with a rare attachment, then look for him torment spare parts. The dimensions of the bar are also different: the length from 50 to 155 mm with different widths, the shape of the teeth. Jig with a dusting of diamond grit and hard alloys used for cutting ceramic tile or glass. With color-coded, not all so rosy: each manufacturer it is unique, a common standard does not exist.

    8. Removal of sawdust. convenient and useful function: the fan produces a stream of air, which also cools the engine and remove sawdust from the cut line. Such units are useful when working in confined spaces. However, in order not to drag behind a fiddly hose, many manufacturers equip electric jigsaws special bag to collect sawdust.

    9. Additional functions.

    These include:

    • Battery – comfortable, but the power of such jigsaws is usually small, and for continuous operation, they are not designed;
    • Quick clip sawing – using it more convenient to change consumables;
    • Laser pointer – increases the accuracy of the cut, the laser beam is necessary to combine with the line on the material;
    • Illumination – It improves visibility, especially useful in low light. It can be turned on automatically or button;
    • Anti-vibration – jigsaw reduces vibration during operation (dempfliruyuschie elements, counterweights, and so on);
    • Table for jigsaw – using stationary tools to work with small details much more convenient;
    • Case – convenient to carry and store the machine.

    10. Production company. The most well-known and high-quality products are presented under the brands: Makita, AEG, Bosch, Black & amp; Decker, Hitachi, Kress, Metabo, Stern, DeWalt, Watt. Low cost and less wear-resistant tools – Ryobi, Interskol, Einhell, Monolith, Proton, Zenit and others. When buying specify where to buy spare parts, whether the company has a service center in your town, which gives the manufacturer warranty.

    Electric jigsaw helps to cope with the most difficult issues and repairs will be your helper on the farm, so you need to choose it carefully and attentively!

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