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    How to choose a building dryer?

    Building dryer – universal tool required to perform a heat treatment of products and surfaces.

    What is the building dryer? – Here is a list of basic functions:

    • It can dry the joints of stucco, plaster, glue joints of tiles and so on;
    • Remove residues of varnish, wallpaper, paint, flooring, tiles and so on;
    • Form polystyrene, PVC, acrylic products, working with plexiglass, polyurethane;
    • Defrost frozen pipes, drains, locks, remove the ice from the surfaces;
    • Disinfect wood blind area, and so on;
    • Soldered and pressed PVC pipe;
    • Glue large part by heating the junction to two-component adhesives dry faster;
    • Make brazing using silver solder or tin (400 degrees) and so on.


    Criteria for selection of the building dryer

    1. Type dryer. There are 3 types of tools: consumer, professional and industrial. With the domestic construction dryer can perform minor works, however, and the functions of the unit are limited, and the power is low, but it is inexpensive, easy to use and consumes very little electricity. Professional hairdryer can run a wide range of works, it rich and powerful, but is more expensive than home. Industrial needs for complex and voluminous work. He has a great set of features and modes, high power. Among the shortcomings can be noted an impressive weight, large power consumption, high cost.

    There are termofenov following:

    • Pistol – handle is perpendicular to the body, it is more safe and reliable option, but in cramped conditions to use it is not very convenient;
    • Direct – no handle, the instrument can be held for the back of the case, it is less secure hair, but it is convenient to work in cramped conditions;
    • Combined – model with removable or rotary handles.

    2. Power. The higher the power – the better the performance of the instrument. Capacity ranges from 930 to 2300 watts, more powerful hair dryer heats up quickly, more air is passed, work with high temperatures. At home fen capacity of up to 1750 watts, professional – less than 2000 W at Industrial – more than 2,000 watts.

    The temperature of the air stream up to 800 degrees – is the most powerful model in the majority of hair dryers, it is 500-600 degrees. In some models, provides the function of blowing cold air – It is necessary, for example for paint drying. Dryer capacity also depends on the amount of air flowing through the housing, the average is 200-600 liters per minute.

    3. Design features. Most models have a similar design: a plastic thermo complex enclosed electric motor, the ceramic insulator with a heating element, the air enters through the air intake vents, it heats up and out through the nozzle, and the tool has a handle with protection for hands or without her.

    As for useful features, it is worth noting the heating temperature control – fen has a 3-4 majority of fixed values, professional models are infinitely adjustable (electronic or slide type). The system maintain the set temperature makes the operation more comfortable and fast, filter incoming air is needed, if the work is carried out in areas where a lot of construction or other dust. The control display may be made as a backlight with LEDs or small screen – it is necessary for fine work with fragile parts. Protection against overheating, the presence of thermal barrier housing are also important for the safety of the master.

    4. Additional equipment. Bits for building fen also called nozzles, nozzles, injectors and so on. The main nozzles are considered to be:

    • Round nozzles are designed for welding tapes and copper pipes;
    • With flat nozzle can remove residues of varnish, paint, wallpaper, plastic and so on;
    • Reflector nozzle needed for bending pipes of polymer;
    • Pieces of PVC overlap can be cooked using a slit nozzle;
    • The nozzle in the form of a flattened tube is designed for the cutting of foam;
    • The side nozzles are protected for glasses, they can be used to clean the frame without damaging the other surfaces;
    • Plastic welding is carried out with the help of mirror injectors.

    Also in the box may include various adapters, extra scrapers, handles, rollers, rods for welding. Make sure that this stuff was packed in a sturdy carrying case – nozzles are often very fragile.

    5. Type of handle. In the main tools Set handle in the form of a gun, but in hard work this hair dryer is quite difficult to do is to have a straight cylindrical handle. The best option – model with a removable rotary handle or, well, if the handle is equipped with anti-slip pads. Hair dryers are equipped with open and closed arms, the latter option is more secure, as it protects the hands of masters from the flow of hot air or hot particles.

    6. Availability of poles and hooks. Q « parking » building dryer is very important, because the tool is pretty fragile. If the unit falls, it may explode or break the spiral ceramic heater. The power cord must be a loop, which you can hang the device on the body also make special hooks and supports – Melt can then be put.

    7. Weight, size, length of the cord. Since Melt have to constantly keep in their hands, the choice you need to carefully look at the size and weight. Weight is an average of 0.5-1 kg, well made product, a priori can not weigh 300 grams, as housing quality, closed handle, well-protected cable, too « pull » lot. The power cable must be long (3 meters), then the work will be easier Melt.

    8. Manufacturer. Related dryers can be divided into two categories: Amateur tools well established brands Makita, Sparki, Kress, Black & amp; Decker, Steinel, Bosch, Metabo, DeWalt, and others. The simplest Thermo Budget – Elpro is, Zenith, Proton, but cheaper models are rarely even work out its value. Among the professional hair dryers is to provide building products AEG, Makita, DWT, Einhell, Bosch, Skill, RYOBI, and others.

    As a rule, for home use does not have enough budget the most powerful machine, the more that the most powerful tools are often the most difficult and inconvenient to use.

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