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    How to choose a grinder? - The main criteria

    The Bulgarian – multi-tool, without which it can not do handyman. The name of the car was in honor of sunny Bulgaria, where for the first time and began to produce angular grinding tools.

    How to choose a grinder? - The main criteria

    The principle of operation is simple: it is based on the rotation of the nozzle (special disc, brush, etc.). Grinder can perform a wide range of works:

    • We clean the surface;
    • Polishing;
    • Handle different types of construction bases (brick, concrete, steel and others);
    • Cut materials.

    How to choose a grinder?

    1. The size of the circle . The disc (or circle) – Bulgarian is working part, on its diameter will depend on the tool options.

    • The disc 115 mm . Used for sanding work, cut the pipe, even in such a small diameter disk is problematic. These grinders are small, they are easy to hold in your hand, so that the rare fine works, they are quite suitable;
    • The disc 125 mm . They can be cut parts, thickness 2.5 cm, and produce polishing. These grinders can often be found in the arsenal of domestic craftsmen, they are compact, lightweight, and are inexpensive;
    • The disc 150 mm . It literally « Golden Mean », suitable for grinding, cutting concrete, metal and other materials. However, frequent use is not recommended;
    • The disc 180 mm . You can repair and construction work, such Bulgarians convenient to cut a variety of materials. For small jobs and polishing tool is not very convenient, it is characterized by impressive power and weight;
    • The disc 230 mm . The scope of such grinders – cutting the thickest and hard surfaces for grinding it absolutely does not fit. The basic tools of the format for large-scale buying of repair or construction.

    125mm is considered a universal solution (grinding) and 180 mm (for cutting), so if you can, is to buy both options.

    How to choose a grinder? - The main criteria

    2. Power . After the diameter of the circle is selected, it is time to determine the power. The most simple tool has a capacity of 500 watts or more, « machine-beast » different characteristics of 2-2.7 kW. Power affects the rate of heating, the speed of operation, the quality of treatment, wear resistance and other characteristics.

    • Professional . Their capacity of more than 1.5 kW and are suitable for the treatment of all surfaces, but only for the rare domestic work units used inefficiently;
    • Mean . Capacity ranges from 900 to 1500 watts, this versatile machines that are suitable for common household and professional work;
    • Little power . Up to 900 W, grinders suitable for rare works (such as grinding), cutting stone or metal tool is not used – can happen overheating and damage the tool.

    The more often you plan to use the grinder – the more powerful it should be.

    3. Ease of use . First of all, the tool should lie well in the hand. Pay attention to the weight of the grinder (more powerful tool – the greater its mass), the handle should be with studs. Very convenient pattern with two handles: they can be moved in the main handle whichever right-handed or left-handed working with the tool. If cutting can be carried out and the machine with a handle in the process of grinding it can bring so much harder to keep it. Look where the switch: the best button on the handle housing, sliders and switches are less convenient.

    4. More Search Options .

    • A soft start or soft start . A tool equipped with a function that is gradually gaining momentum, a smooth transition to the base rate. So the tool and is easier to use, and it will last longer, about surges, too, can not help worrying. Required Test this function using a heavy circle with light circles is difficult to assess the benefits of smooth start;
    • Protection against jamming range of . In the case of jamming range of Bulgarian may simply fail. To avoid this, a tool equipped with such useful feature as protection from jamming – the unit is turned off automatically;
    • protection against restart . Problems with the lights off uncommon: Bulgarian to yourself will not run after the advent of electricity, and came up with this feature;
    • Automatic balancing . Mostly found in professional grinder. Grinds unevenly drives are erased, so broken and balancing, automatic system reduces the inconvenience to a minimum;
    • shut-brushes . This feature is also found in the professional models, if the mains voltage is lost, the brushes are automatically disabled. Otherwise, the anchor begins to combust, and eventually exits the system;
    • vibration damping . A useful feature when working with very powerful Bulgarians;
    • Quick replacement of drive . Very handy thing, if you often change the type of activity.

    The protective cover, storage case, battery and other things – their presence is certainly welcome, but it is not the most critical argument in the bank « good quality tools ».

    5. Manufacturer Warranty and . Power tools on the market the products of many manufacturers. It is best proven company Makita, Bosch, Hilti, DeWalt, Hitachi, DWT, Sparky, Einhell and others. Low cost options like Interskol, Elektromash, Fiolent and others also have the right to life, they are suitable for rare and simple operations. Be sure to check where the nearest service center, which provides a guarantee of the manufacturer, which the reputation of the firm. Try to avoid the dubious and frankly cheap products in China, especially if you intend to actively exploit tool. « miser pays twice » – this statement is more relevant than ever when it comes to tools!

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