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    How to choose a chainsaw to testify

    Everyone who has ever had to deal with firewood, sawing trees or build something from the timber, thinking about buying a chainsaw. The store offers a pretty impressive range, so get lost quite easily. Let's consider the basic criteria which must be selected and a chainsaw.

    1. For what purpose I needed a chainsaw? – cut, many would say. Depending on what you saw, and you need to choose an instrument. If the spectrum of works for chainsaws are restricted to firewood or cut timber, you can choose common household tools. The power and have a small weight, they can be used up to 40 minutes a day – it is enough for the average needs. Saws higher class – semi, designed not only for fans of repair, but truckers – they also can be cut trees or to use as loppers. At night they can be loaded up to 8-10 hours. Last kind of – Professional saws, they are intended for use on an industrial scale, load – up to 16 hours a day.

    2. What is the power to choose? on the power depends on the depth of cut and cutting speed. Saws for home use have a capacity of 1.5-2 HP, for professional use power varies 2-6 kW, for each type of logging needs its own power. For example, to work in the winter time choosing powerful units as frozen tree where stronger. It should also be remembered that the more powerful chainsaw, the more it will weigh. It is unlikely that someone will want to cut stunted branches carry in the hands of 10-pound tool.

    3. The length of the bus . Bus – one of the main components for chainsaws, is using it, and the process of cutting. The longer the tire, the greater the amount of « on forces » of the saw. For example, products for logging fitted with tires of up to 75 cm, enough for home use of 30-40 cm, it is unlikely you will have to cut oaks.

    4. Chain saws. Each is equipped with a chainsaw chain – these are the best « », the teeth that bite into the wood, and saw through it. Household saws are nice because they have less vibration, the distance between the teeth is 0.325 inch. Professional versions of powerful – the pitch between the teeth is already 0.404 inches, they are more productive, but also to use for a beginner seem difficult.

    5. Have the brake. This is the basic question of security, protection against kickback if the tool end of the tire in contact with the treated surface – it throws back. In this case, the model has a special lever inertia brake.

    6. Engine. Mainly chainsaws have two-stroke engine with separate oil tank and gasoline. Will depend on the volume and capacity of the engine, but also on the weight of the product is also affected. It is recommended that you use genuine oil for chainsaws and gasoline octane number is at least 92. Fuel tank capacity ranges from 0.3 to 1 liter, the oil is approximately 2 times less.

    7. Anti-vibration system. Chainsaw should be not only reliable, but also easy. Anti-vibration system is not as important for the basic models, but for the professional chainsaw – it is a prerequisite. The system is presented with special rubber handle located between the housing and the handle.

    8. Ergonomics. It is bad if the hand is turned out, the fingers rest on the brake lever and the tool simply nepodemen. Check these factors still need to purchase: chainsaw should lie firmly in the hand, not to slip, and choose the appropriate weight.

    9. Brand . Most people prefer to buy products trusted manufacturers and rightly so. If on clothes brand – is a fashion and prestige in the engineering – This quality control, innovation, development, testing, and for this you can pay.

    10. Service support . Ask the seller where the corporate centers in the event of tool breakage know where to turn. You also need to know where you can buy spare parts, because eventually they wear out and require replacement.

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