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    How to buy a punch

    Hammer is a specialized drill, having a shock effect. Unlike traditional                   Drills equipped with extra shock function hammer is used for continuous operation when drilling enough solids. Hammer drills differs from his appointment. If you are going to drill, brick, stone or concrete, it is best buy punch .

    Klassnost drills

    Hammers class are — light, medium and heavy. For easy class includes hammers having a weight not exceeding three kilograms. They are used to perform the concrete of small diameter holes. Furthermore, the punch may have functions inherent drills.   The middle class are the guns that have a mass of five kilograms. They can already be used for heavier work. For example, drilling of reinforced concrete structures. This   Hammer calmly cope with the concrete reinforcement. It can even cut it. To   Heavy machines are drills, weighing more than five kilograms. This punch can already be called a hammer and use it for the toughest jobs. Some well-known manufacturers offer models of all classes, for example, punch INTERSKOL,   bosch and Makita.

    Species drills

    Hammers are professional and consumer. Naturally, household models are less powerful than the heavier professional machines. But domestic drills allow you to perform a little work around the house. Interestingly, some well-known companies in order to facilitate the choice of instrument paint professional and consumer models in different colors. For example, punch bosch home is green, and the professional — blue. Depending on the absence or presence of   additional modes, drills are divided into single-mode, dual-mode and tri-mode. For example, when drilling holes in concrete require rotation mode with impact. To use it as a jackhammer mode needs — strike without rotation. If used as an ordinary hammer drill mode helps rotation without impact. As a rule, many models of power tools, for example, punch Makita HR, can operate in three modes, which makes this technique a universal and applicable to a wide range of construction work.

    Hammer Makita

    Good demand is perforator makita . This is due to its excellent quality, reliability, reasonableness tool. It is only one of a plurality of articles Makita . Puncher makita is one of the most high-quality products designed for both amateurs and professionals alike.

    perforator bosch

    The company Bosch   It produces an enormous range of products of different purposes. One of its forms is the punch bosh . Both professionals and amateurs, trust this famous brand because the quality of the tool is always on top. In addition, the company carries out regular updates of the lineup. Equally important is the balanced pricing policy. Punch bosch is considered to be an excellent choice.

    Puncher INTERSKOL

    Punch INTERSKOL best suited for today, it's different quality, ease and reliability. Punch INTERSKOL meet all its requirements. It has good performance and functionality. He also has some reserve power for all applications. This is the pledge of increased demand for the products of the brand.

    Selection Rules Punch  

    Before buy punch , you need to determine its necessary functions. When choosing pay special attention to the following features:

    • The weight. For the lover, not having much experience in working with the tool, it is better to purchase a light puncher class. This is especially true when working on weight, hard to reach places or   the ceiling.
    • Food. Hammers are rechargeable, electric and gasoline intended for road works.
    • Impact energy and power. Typically, these parameters affect the price of the gun. More powerful and fast tool to cope with the most solid materials. Truth and its cost will be more expensive.
    • Speed ​​and stroke. Depending on the number of electro-shock and the number of revolutions of the drill during rotation, the holes may be different.


    No matter what you buy, punch bosch ,   INTERSKOL     or Makita, it will be your indispensable assistant for professional drilling solids. It allows you to work faster, easier, better.

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